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Hello. DirectTV installed a big satellite dish on the (newer) roof of my home-that I rent out in Copperas Cove.

My tenant claims his mother had ordered the service (long distance), and they just came out and installed it while he was out in the field. He didn't know about it. He has been directed to have it removed and will be held financially responsible for the patch-repair. I tried to call DirectTV to ask what their installation policy is on rental homes, of course could not get to a human at customer service-no matter what button I tried.

I ended up writing to customer service on their immense web-help site, after hitting send but before it was sent, an impersonal pop-up box, popped up referring me to read the "installation on condo's, apartments and rentals permission procedure", it also offered I could use their 'written permission slip' form if I just clicked on the blue link. And to have it ready when the installer arrives, or a 'Verbal permission' is enough. Can that be? A verbal permission?

How ambiguous is that?

Does a new DirectTV customer that is renting a home need a written permission from owner or not?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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All the customer has yo do is lie and say they own the home! FYI: Someone has to be home before directv will install anything and sign for it.

Directv should have the paperwork showing who signed for the service and approved the installation of the dish.

I know I had service at 3 homes and had to be there and sign to give them permission to install and they asked if I owned the home and I said yes because I did own the homes. Also they do ask were you want the dish installed most installers will not install directly on the roff unless you tell them it's ok when they ask!


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Okay, the damage is $125? How much more are you getting for rent from the tenant each month?

I'm sure a lot more. While I believe the tenant should have received permission, if the tenant is otherwise a good tenant and pays rent on time and you don't have any other problems with him/her then why worry about $125 of damage? I would absorb that cost in a heartbeat if I had a great tenant otherwise.

As for Direct TV, they really should get the owner's permission to install anything but how would they know that the tenant is not the owner of the house? It would be ridiculous to expect Direct TV employees to ask to see the land deed for each house that requests service!


That is a typical renters logic. The common thought is, thats not your property so who cares?

People who dont own anything fail to realize that there are MANY costs that go into maintaining a building so rental fees are not just a wondrous surplus. The satellite installation looks unsightly and I would bet costs are higher than 125 for damages.

And, for this *** who stated its not the responsibility of the installer, yes there is a permission form that should have been signed prior- it is a telemmunication standard procedure so problems dont arise. I would bet if this idiotic commenter had an improper installation, he/she would be complaining.


Thanks for the input. Meanwhile, I received positive feedback from DirectTV-like the same day I emailed their customer service link.

I somehow didn't expect such a fast or even a response at all. Good on DirectTV! They emailed me a de-installation link, apologized for the inconvenience and a pin code for me to forward to my tenant-who needs to take care of this. Surprised hearing back so quickly-I forwarded it to my property manager,they in turn forwarded right away to tenant-all this took place before 5pm Texas time just before a 3 day weekend!(I do not have tenant email,I am in Munich,Germany+8 hours-and besides I pay an agency to care of the property).

Considering there is a dish pole already in the back yard from another tenan maybe 5/6ft away that could have been used for the new dish, but no, it is now installed on my new roof- ergo, holes in my new roof. No sir! I am going to follow through and have the tenant remove the dish AND hold him liable for the repair patch job, fortunately the roofing company that installed the roof-less than 2 years ago does this kind of patch work. It doesn't rain much in that part of Texas-but when it does.

The new roof was put in due to leaks and a previous tenant complained (rightfully so), now the new renter, or his mom, or the DirectTV installation guy-goes and drills holes in a newer roof with out asking? No sir. BTW, tenant couldn't pay the entire amount of rent in August,(he was missing ca. $500.00) something about x-wife running up credit cards blah blah blahhh, I don't know, but I have credit card bills I have to pay too-and rely on the rental income...

but 3 days later DirectTV shows up? No sir.

So you few that have taken the time to read through and comment, if you are renting and want to drill on the roof-ask first. I would never forbid him having a satellite dish/service, but just not to put holes on my roof.


You must be specific in your lease, " no satellite dish is to be attached to the building, roof, fence, patio, balcony, or anyplace in or on the premises". Cover it in your lease. Mine allows for the existing cable only, with no changes or additions to existing outlets.

If your tenant wants satellite TV, they should buy their own house, and do what they want.


Suz I would check the FCC guidelines for landlord tenant can not be denied his or her choice of television provider you can only apply reasonable restrictions for structure on property not to be attached to building house tenant should have opted to pay ,$75.00 for a pole mount now he is paying more... Tenants have right under federal law to have a dish on a pole...


Luckily I am a home owner and a duplex rental property owner I wouldn't want to have to rent from you. No changes to the existing outlets.

I guess if the outlets or cables go bad the tenant just gas to read books. Hope you don't charge much.


No, the tenant does not need written permission from the home owner to have a dish installed. I just went through this process a couple months ago and just had to call the home owner to get permission. I signed the paper in the space for verbal verification.

When the customer is setting service up, DirecTV has them set an appointment so someone will be home for the installation. If nobody is home, they will take pictures of the house and meter box to prove to their supervisor they were at the house. The installer won't just stop by and install it because they were in the area.

You sir/ma'am, have a tenant that is terrible at lying.


I totally agree with "Anonymous", I live in a rental and had to get permission, and I also know (first hand) that someone, over 18, has to be on hand for the installation of the equipment.


How are they supposed to know who owns the home?


Yes. They need written permission, and chances are this was covered during the account setup script that your tenant wasn't listening too.

Verbal permission is only good enough when it is the actual owner of the home giving the OK.

Other installation options exist besides roof mount, and this too was likely covered during account setup, but this too wasn't listened to by your tenant.



not sure where "Renew Beauty spa" came from, I don't know what or where that even is. My question is aimed at DirectTV and their vigilante dish installation practices.

Sorry. Handballmom