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When I signed up for the two-year contract with DirectTV I was told, "You will be excited about our extras in the package like, access to over 10,000 movies." I didn't catch the phrase "access to." It is very easy to assume they mean "free" as in, "just like NetFlix where movies are the service being paid for, therefore "free" for the cost of the service. NOT SO.

With DirectTV you DO have "access to 10,000 (plus) movies, but most are pay per view of $2.99 to $3.99 or more. The ones that are actually free are (subjective opinion) "***." An example is, "The Mupets (do whatever somewhere/someplace)." Yay! If you want to watch "Independence Day" it will cost you $2.99 (currently). I've seen "Independence Day" on Basic Cable for free FFS!

Now I am expected to pay a "per view" to watch it on DirectTV?! My DirectTV service (a two year contract) is $110. per month, plus taxes and fees (about $135. total).

How many FREE movies comes in the "ACCESS to 10,000 movies"? Oh... roughly about one dozen (12). Yay!

What a deal! I must say, though, DirectTV cable service IS about the same service (HBO, Cinemax, Encore, ShowTime) as with Cox Cable for $80.00 per less per month. If I take the $80.00 per month and save it in my bank for 24 months I WILL have $1,920. in savings.

That is a fact. ADVICE: Take the $2.99/$3.99 and go to a dollar store or WalMart and buy the DVD movie for about $1.00 more and build your own collection that no one can ever scam you on. Or, save the money and go on a nice vacation after the two year contract is over. However, DirectTV is very misleading when they tell customers that "they will be excited" about having ACCESS to 10,000 movies.

--- Ummmm... excuse me, but I have ACCESS to 100,000 plus movies at WalMart, too (for a price)! DirectTV isn't really offering much in that arena. So, there you have it!

The "value amount" lost in disappointment (expectation loss) of 10,000 movies minus 12 or so that you don't have to pay for, X $3.99 each for the ones you have to pay for, totals $39,852. if you paid for the ones they charge for.

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