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"This past September (2010) after relocating to Idaho we were having issues regarding our Direct TV service, specifically the ability go wireless. After a few calls the same Direct TV service technician came to our house and said with Hughes Internet service that the wireless aspect would not work. He was honest and trust worthy (we even tried to tip him $40 upon install and he refused to take it saying it was against corporate policy).

A few weeks later I was in our bedroom with my spouse being "intimate" when my dogs started barking. I jumped out bed naked and looked out the bedroom door without leaving the room when I noticed a gentleman standing on the right side of our porch peering in at me. I threw pants on and I asked him what the *** he was doing. He said he was a "Direct TV supervisor" and was following up on the service call. He kept peering around my shoulder through-out this conversation and I told him to leave immediately.

Immediately after he left I call Direct TV corporate and lodged a complaint with the Boise office. The lady I talked to told me that this behavior would not be tolerated and that she would look into it. Almost a month later I still had not heard anything from them and I called back to find out why and to cancel my service. I was informed that there was "no record" of my complaint and that I would be charged for "early disconnection." Obviously I was pissed and threatened to go to our local Sheriff's office to file formal complaints.

It was evident that they have no concerns about what their employees do or what their phone representatives say or do. I call about every two weeks and keep getting told I have no right to cancel my service as I "signed a contract," yet when I discuss why there has been no follow-up or complaint I have been told "You have no right to be part of the investigative process." What in the ***? All VICTIMS are part of the investigative process!!!

Bottom line is this; Direct TV has a "corporate ethics" policy yet if it means it interferes with income they suddenly ignore it. When are we going to start holding this corporation accountable? Why is it OK for them to hire and then hide sexual predators as employees and refuse to be accountable for their (the corporations) actions?

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