DirectTV is incapable of providing consistent connection with a satellite. Our TVs regularly lose connection (even on sunny days) and we have to reset them--big hassle! Then they might go out again in 5 min. or while changing channels.

We purchased a DirectTV DVR from Best Buy for $200 about 7 months ago. It was a lemon and they have replaced it twice, but we still have problems with it. We are tired of dealing with so many problems!

We have completed our original 2 year contract with them, but when we called to have them disconnect our service they told us we will have to pay a large penalty to close the account because when we added the DVR, it gave them the right to renew our contract for another 2 years!! This is such a scam......we never signed anything agreeing to another 2 years.

Level 2 supervisors will not return my calls even when they've told me they will after checking into it. I think they know they have a lousy product and they want to wring every dime they can out of the customer before releasing him. I've been told the only recourse I have is to write the Billing Dispute Dept. I'm sure they'll be extremely helpful and honorable........right!!

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