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When considering a switch from DISH to DIRECTTV - I grilled the sales person as due what hidden "add-ons" am I going to find on my bill or do I need to add on - like maintenance agreements. He assured me that this was unnecessary since all their equipement was warrantied and they covered maintenance issues right within their normal contracts, so it was not necessary to add-on anything additional. Never mentioned that there was in fact a $5.99/mo. maintenance warranty which was optional and NECESSARY if you wanted your equipment covered or serviced at any time - which we found out AFTER our service technician installed our equipment. When I called to bring this misrepresentation to their attention, and notify them that it was false sales info., they would do NOTHING to fix that, other than say they were sorry - but this was the CORRECT info - and continued to quote me the cost of the monthly fee over and over. Even elevated to a supervisor -they would not honor a request to include it free of charge - as promised, and threatened breach of contract if I tried to cancel the service.

The first sales person ALSO told me that their service service was better than DISH AND NETFLIX - because they had over 7000 movie titles that I could access instantly online - for free. What I found out when attempting after I downloaded the first (27 year old movie!) - was that I would be billed $3.99 for that. Again - another ripoff. Most of the movies are NOT free at all - and with DISH_ at least I had a list of movies that were free - and I could get ANY from their library delivered to my door as well through Blockbuster partnership they had.

Now I'm stuck - for 2 years - unless I find a way to nail them. And will probably sign back up for NETFLIX - which is cheaper than paying per movie.

THe moral of the story here - STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTTV!!! They have horrendous sales practices and even worse customer service.

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It is sad that you have to learn the hard way as I did too.Since you are under contract for 2 yrs,please realize that if your equipment fails,this adds another 2 yr to your contract if you accept replacement equipment even if yours is no longer working.DTV has so many scams going it would take all day to go over them all.keep in mind they have your bank#or credit card# on file and they will use it if they see the need so it would be wise to change #'s and get a disposable card for their records.