New England, North Dakota

We were a loyal Direct TV customer about five years. Sitched to Dish after offer of lower monthly fee and no installation cost.

Direct TV marketing called us repeatedly promising to BUY OUT our contract with lower monthly fee. Cancellation fee from Dish would cost no more than $200, we switched back. Cancellation fee was $350!. Called Direct TV.

NO ONE would assist us. Onthe phone an hour. Sitched to 5 departments. No resolution, no help, Just response that we can't do anything about it.

Left with unsatisfactory service , we can't get out of AND a fee from Dish Network of over $100 dollars.

They are dishonest, manipulative, and incompetent.

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offering a "buyout" of a contract sounds unlikely. It was probably a switcher incentive credit of $200. You should have done your homework.


Other than satellite internet, the only Internet service that we can get is Cox. Since our satellite service was discontinued after selling to Sprint, we called to order Cox.

That is when we found we had an outstanding balance that the Direct win back team never paid.

Of course nobody sees any past offers that advertised buyouts so we are left with a $215 bill. Thanks Directv.


I had dish installed with the hopper system cause i have a 3d hd setup( they knew i only had 3mbps internet speed at the time of the call) Once i recieved it before the tech even left i tried to order thor in hd and it said it will be available in 2 hrs , so i called and asked them to take it back i didnt want the system, well they told me then that its my problem, even though i explicitly told them prior to coming out that my max internet speed was 3mbps.... so now they want to charge a single dad of a 2 yr old 450$ to terminate, when i have been asking to cancel since f=day of install.

This truly is the worst i have ever been treated by any service ever! I think it should be criminal for them to do what they get away with.


My Experience Exactly!