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DirecTV return equipment process is flawed. I had to call them a 2nd time after waiting 2 weeks for a return box to arrive.

I finally get one and return the 1 standard receiver via United States Postal Service as it was specifically stated in the directions and keep the bottom half of shipping label for my tracking. USPS then has FedEX pick it up and send it off. The equipment arrived days later in Memphis, TN. DirecTV says they don't have the receiver yet.

But why does my tracking number show a 4 pound box delievered to Memphis, TN....directv *** 18 days later and less than the 21 days (in the contract), DirectTV charges me $45 NRF!!!!

I'm still fighting with them on the phone to remove this fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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I've cancelled my service and received the box, all set to ship out, but when I peeled the label to expose the return address, it took the street number off and now I can't read it. I called and talked to three different people to see if they could tell me the street address of their return center in Ontario California.

Not one of the three *** was able to tell me the address. They are sending me a new label, but I'm not sure that the box will make it back in time.


this just happened to me too and I'm trying to figure it out.


Our DTV friends made a mistake, billed in advance and disconnected our service. I said ok, leave it off. Had another service run our credit and establish a new account following which they came running out the next day, on SUNDAY, to install our new equipment (we have 6 television stations on the Estate).

Now our only problem is giving them stuff back in exchange for payment in full.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their arm pits!


Direct TV is just ripping people off. They took my money without my permission from my disability credit card , Im sending my equipment back and I want my money back!


I was told to send it back by USPS. No way man.

I wanted proof, so I sent mine by FedEx. The catch? I had to pay FedEx, but it was worth the peace of mind and not being ripped off later. Sorry about your experience.

Apparently Direct TV is a relative of Comcast.


DirecTV is the Devil sent to earth straight from ***... (Word of advice) If you are researching which company you should go with Please consider another option because once you get in they will do everything in their power to trap you...

I had the most horrible experience with Directv


I finally disconnected from DirectTV. FedEx delivery tracking numbers finally shows they received my two boxes.

Feb 13 I dropped them off at US Post Office and today March 5, says delivered! Yeah!! no NRF charge on me!

See ya DirectTV!!!!!! Now send me my credit your hanging on too!!


I'm a little miffed at them right now too. I spent $199 on a DVR 5 years ago and was told when upgrading to a new HD DVR that I would have to return the old one.

If I paid $200 for it, why am I having to return it? If it was equipment rental, why not charge me a monthly fee instead of an upfront fee?

And if it isn't a rental fee, why am I being forced to return purchased equipment then?

Sadly, cable doesn't reach here and Dish isn't any better. Wish there were other options available.




Same thing with me and they have me in collections. I sent those receivers like two month ago. Thank God i found this sight because now I can see that I am no the only one javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


Hey Trish, my contract ends July 15, 2011 and I can't wait to leave them. Keep calling them on those boxes.

It takes them weeks and they give the same line of BS..."oh we shipped it out, should be on your porch, check tomorrow with us." As for the dish, I think you just need to return that receiver at the end of the dish. That should unscrew and has that plastic cover over it. I think you just return that. Not the whole metal dish and arm.

Congrats on leaving them! I'm right behind you!


Moving and Direct TV stated they would send a kit,(still not here) Have alerted the Landlord that I may be coming back, Flying from San Fran to Seattle to get the Dish off? Is that correct not only do I need to return boxes but do I have to take the Dish off house?

No one at Direct TV will give me a staight answer,why it was professionally installed do they now think since I've had their service for 2 years I am now a professional de-staller? Anyone?


when I signed up for DirectTV, I was told I had a one year contract and could cancel after that... I moved and tryed to cancel and they told me I couldn't due to having a 2 year contract because I have an HD receiver...

What a bunch of ***... They want to charge me fees and more fees. Don't think so... I want to send my equipment back but getting information is like pulling teeth...

I am fed up with the lack of intelligence I am dealing with... Where do you send this items to?

I am tired of dealing with *** can't speak english... SOME ONE HELP...


I'm so glad I am not the only one suffering with Directv. I have been a customer since 2007 and always paid on time or early.

In February we decided to disconnect a receiver we no longer used. We were informed that we would receive a return box for it which we never did so they charged us over $45. When I called to complain they said they would ship another recovery kit. Guess what, never received that one either.

I called them to let them know and they told me they would send another one. I asked to speak to a supervisor and then was told that none were available as they were on the phone with other customers. WOW!!! I sent an email and was given the tracking numbers from FedEx so I could look it up (now I am doing Directv's job).

Both of the numbers state they were left at my door but we never received it. The funny thing is on the tracking site, our address does not show up just the city we live in and it states it was delivered by 11:30 and I have only received Fedex deliveries in the evening.

Where were they actually sent? I still have no response from Directv but I do know that come August when my contract is up, I am cancelling them and by the sounds of it this will be a long process.


Wow, after 3 calls between Nov 4 thru Nov 11, I checked my online statement Nov 14 and DirecTV finally removed the $45 NRF. What a hassle.

After my contract is up in June 2011 I'll never use them again. Advice... keep your shipping receipt, when you send it back to directv get it insured, delivery confirmation etc.

and call them often to remove the charge. Good luck!


Randy, keep at it. It's been a week now and my NRF has yet to be refunded.

I call every other day with the same response from DirecTV, "Yes, it'll take 3-5 days to remove, or it'll take 48hrs to remove..." This is a real hassle. All we need is for them to send it to a collection agency.

Anyways, I've already filed a complaint with BBB of Southern California. If they are so quick to charge us with a NRF then we have to be quick to complain on this return process.


Similar story here - cancelled my account and returned 4 receivers and 1 DVR on 10/16/2010 through USPS as directed by DIRECTV. I paid the final bill with termination fees on 10/18.

On 11/2 I got an automated email stating I have a past due bill of $376 for not returning equipment. This is odd since I had just received a paper bill dated 10/31/10 with a $0 balance on the account. I called DTV on 11/7/10 and Janie told me - "yes, the equipment was received on 10/25". Called back on 11/10 because the online account still shows $376 past due.

Bryant says he can't see anything that shows the equipment was returned, but does see Janie's comment that it was returned on 10/25.

I promised to call back in 2 days if not corrected and ask for management to begin escalating. I will pester them as long as it takes to get it corrected.

I'm sure this will go on for a while.