Alanson, Michigan
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Every time it gets so much as cloudy, I lose DirectTv. Strangely enough, my locals and a few odd channels (The History Channel and some other lame *** comes in, but not the channels I really want to watch.

And again, oddly enough, if the channel DOES pick back up, 9 times out of 10 it's during a commercial. Coincidence? Hardly. I am sick to death of their run around.

I KNOW it's because the equipment is 10 years old, but of course they won't admit that. The only way to get new equipment is to transfer the account into another name, which is ***. I was excited that I'd be able to access DirectTv programming on my computer, but after wasting time downloading the program, it is a dismal failure, as I cannot watch anything, no matter how many times I follow their instructions to the letter. As soon as I can get them out here, I'm switching to Dish.

Wish I'd never left them. And DirectTv's commercials where they claim they are Number 1 in customer service?

HA. In their wildest dreams.

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