Clarksburg, West Virginia
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When I signed up for DirectTV service, I specifically asked if they would be providing FX and National Georgraphic, and I picked a package that included these options. Now, I find out that as of November 1st - we may lose the ability to watch these channels.

It is a breach of contract - and I will not be standing by idly waiting for them to get their ducks back in a row!

It is ridiculous that an agreement cannot be reached to avoid interruption of service to their customers. They are obligated to satisfy their promises made by contract with their customers!

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is s DIRECTV agent don't believe what he says in his comment. He's paid to talk about contract and agreement but that's bull-***. Sue the crooks for your rights.


For directv to market and sell certain channel packages and not be willing to pay for new contracts (regardless of the asking price of the channel owners) is absolutely a breach of contract. I may lose a LOCAL channel. If I were Dish Network or Comcast I would also be suing for false competition and slander.


Why don't they just a customers who may not mind paying more I would pay 60% more to keep my current line up. I do not want to pay more but will.



I would not go complaining about DirecTV. If you look at the actual terms that FOX wants to impose on DirecTV, you will see that for DirecTV to actually continue to carry those networks your bill will raise by 40%.

DirecTV is trying to keep your bill at the price you guys agreed upon. Unfortunately FOX has not decided to lower the price of their contract or even keep it the same as what it was the previous year, they want to raise the price of their contract making it unhealthy negotiating agreements. I love FX and want to continue to watch it but FOX's idea to raise the price of their contract only with DishNetwork makes me wonder what the point of FOX's "rage against DirecTV" is actually standing for.

If you want FX and National Geographic tell FOX to stop being dumb and stick with the price they had originally agreed upon. If FOX wins, which you and thousands of other are pushing for, you will get your networks but you will also be paying a lot more for them.


nope if you read your contract which i/m guessing you didn't. it says you are agreeing to service for 24 months even if the drop channels from there channel line up.