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I have had Directtv since 2004. I have a choice package without preminum stations.

My normal bill is around $81.00 per month. In August I overpaid my bill by mistake and had a $60 credit. The following month which is September I received a bill for $181 !! Naturally I called.

Talk about the worst customer service ever! They were rude and even the manager was rude to me and no one still hadn't explained the situation to me or given my money back. I notice I had Stars added. I asked who did that?

He said I see you gave permission, which I did not.

The matter is still unresolved the manager told me to cancel Directtv if I wanted to! They suck I am getting someone else.

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First of all JOKER (appropriate choice of name). The bill was overpaid there would be no reason to lie about my circumstances and the idea of the entire forum Pissed Consumer is to relate you issues about a company or product. Secondly, I am not a dude, I am female ex Air Force Recruiter and to think that I served to honor and protect idiots like you.


Flavorfav...If you decide to cancel service with DTV and have had service since 2004 have you had any upgrades such as any boxes replaced or new equipment of any kind? If so they most likely have extended your contract and may try to charge you early canellation fees.To be safe before you cancel change #'s or close your credit card or bank account whichever they have on file for you.

Don't put anything past these crooks because they are probably not done with you yet! Been There Done That!


You overpaid $60 and Directv decided to keep it for themselves??? lol Maybe you realised you overpaid and you decided not to pay your bill for the next couple of months??

Or maybe you never actually overpaid your bill? What have you been smoking, dude?

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