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Directv advertised "order NFL package get they top package FREE For 5 months $59.99" I called got someone who couldn,t speak english telling them i wanted the deal .

I wanted the HD package with a HD receiver and a pvr for second room.

The install people came at noon Tues.-husband & wife- Both were dirty and smelly They didn,t bring the pvr only a cheap SD receiver leaving after 41/2 hours. 20 minutes after leaving the receiver said searching for signal.

I called directv-again talking to someone who could,nt speack english- they sent another tech out on Thurs.- remember this is Tues.

Tech show up on Thru. reinstalls dish,calls about my PVR receiver,Directv says it will cost me $250 being an UPGRAGE> I said no.

the tech leaves after 3 hours reciever goes into downloading data mode and stays there over 4 hours. These reconditioned not new, receivers.

I call direct back again asking to speak to someone who speaks english. They tell me a tech won,t be availabe until Sat or Sundy. I said NO I haven,t had tv for 3 days and to cancel my order.

They tell me they will send a box for the receivers and remotes

Now the good part. They charge me $74.54 for programming and $473.24 early termination TOTAL $557.76 for what NO SERVICE NO TV FOR 3 days.

I call my bank to stop payment but since I signed up for auto payment they can,t. So I cancel my Debit card and requested a new one.

Now Direct tv wants their money and if I don,t pay they will turn it over to a collection agent. I will NEVER pay DIRECTV. I will be getting a lawyer and going to sue their NO SPEAKING ENGLISH


DO NOT have anything to do with these lying crooks. They only want your money. THey have NO customer service,They have NO ENGLISH speaking agents. They are lairs and cheats.


P.S. They advertise VERUS and the MLB package . NO VERUS and THE MLB are all BLACKED OUT. But you still have to pay!!!

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Direct TV has replaced my receiver four times in the last 45 days!!! But, what they fail to tell you when they replace your receiver that you have entered into a new two year contract.

I have tried to cancel and they still auto deduct my account every month!

They are ripping the consumer off and getting away with it. What in the *** can we do???????

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #84088

Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Direct TV "hides" this address but I found it! Bombard Ms. Filipiak with your complaints! Maybe, just maybe, they will realize JUST HOW BAD their service is and make changes. They hire and train people to be TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and then tie to you exorbitant contracts when they fail to provide the type of service that is expected.

If the industries won't police themselves, we, as consumers, have an obligation to. Also, contact your local Consumer Protection Agency (listed on County Gov't websites) with your complaints. These "monopolies" are ILLEGAL and the Consumer has to stand up for their rights.


The box they send you has a tracking number and a return sticker. I had no trouble returning the box and the dish I had Dish Network take down and sold it for $50.00.

My bank said I could not stop payment on the Directv acct. I have to close out this acct. and start a new 1. I should have never signed a 2 year contract.

Make them send you a paper bill and pay yourself.Save all emails with them and record all phone calls. Ask for agent who can speak english,record they name and get their assigned number. If you call 20 times you will get 20 different people and most can,t speak english. File a report with the BBB,FTC,FCC, and the Att.

GEN in your state.

Don,t let these theives get away with taking your hard earned money. good luck


I have cancelled Direct TV. I called my credit card that they have on file and told them Not to accept Any charges from Direct TV under No circumstances.They assured me they will not and put a note on my account.

I also cancelled my bank account. Direct TV says they will send a box for the receivers and remotes to be returned.I am very skeptical of this and do not trust Direct TV.Did you have problems returning your equipment? and what about the thing on my roof?

Direct says they do not remove this and that it is now mine(I don't want It)did you have problems getting the receiver off your roof? I need some answwers fast Please Help!!!


I am having almost the same issue read my story "Ripped me off, Now I am stuck in Contract". I am fighting Direct TV through the BBB now I am towards the last steps of my argument. I suggest you do the same put these liars out of Business.

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