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I was a customer of DirectTV for eight years. One day in April 2007, our receiver just did not work. I called in and was told that the signal had been upgraded and my current box was now obsolete. We had to buy a new box, but the rep told me he would refund the cost as a discount on the next bill, which did occur. NOTHING ELSE was discussed whatsoever.

Then in June, after I had paid my monthly bill, I called them up and told them I was moving across country and would contact them for reconnect when I got situated. When we arrived, we got a call from Dish Network and saw what they were offering as regular service, and combined with the new sign up incentives, there was no way DirectTV could touch it. Cheaper, more channels, free DVR, etc.

So I called DirectTV and told them that I was going to cancel service instead. The rep of course tried to gain me back, but as I said they just could not match the service and perks. So she told me that they would refund me an overpayment of my last bill of approximately $40 (because my payment was for all of June, but I did not have service the entire month due to disconnecting for the move) in a few weeks.

Several months go by and I have called twice and was told by both reps that the money was on the way. On the third call I asked to speak to a manager about it. The manager looked at the account and said "Oh! You canceled early! You OWE US money!" and adjusted my account to show a $95 negative balance!!!

I explained to her the entire story and she just kept saying "You agreed to a service renewal contract when you signed for the new box when they came to install it" Funny how the new box was mailed to me and *I* installed it. THEN she said "Oh well it is a verbal contract anyway and you are bound by it"

They have now sent a credit company after me and are damaging my credit history. After EIGHT YEARS as a loyal customer, THIS is how they repay me - with stealth service renewals, lies, and threats and attacks to my credit rating.

I would LOVE to take part in ANY class action suits that may exist now or in the future.

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