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15 hrs ago i made a post in regards to direct tv making an Unaurthorized transaction on my account, i had No Contract, No ties, No links to direct tv, they only thing i did was pay a bill for my relative using my card,not authorizing direct tv to 1, store my info ,or 2 deduct money from my account. People please realize just because its their policy Doesnt make it Legal!!

well after reaching out to better business bureau, and the attorney generals office, i received an email this evening notifying me that they will refund me my money, iam enclosing a photo of the email for those of you that seems to like to comment about how i need to read the term and conditions, thats bull!! i stated in my first post that i will get my money back AND I DID TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!

WAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG, IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU SPEAKUP DONT LET IT GO,i spoke up and was determined to not let it go, and i got my money back!! see photo enclosed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $749.

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I am SO GLAD to hear Someone beat these POS Liars at their pathetic way of their get rich quick scheme I To have got ripped by Comments on here because I have been raising *** about them taking $486 of my dads SS money out of his acct because he paid a bill for me! Good For you! I wish I had the same results unfortunately no!


Glad you got it back. If you paid it online that could have been the problem.

Don't have direct TV so don't know how their payment system worked then. But I do know that some sites once you enter a card it saves it. it the card is saved and you have auto bill setup it could switch to the new card with out knowledge. Or with the new card saved a payment could be made by you or the whoever owns the account using the new card.

This could be done with out realizing it was selected as they we use to only having one card to pick from more than one card as they did not know that card saved.

I know I have come close to using the wrong card when paying a bill because of this. not blaming just saying what I have seen or experienced as mistakes can happen and info like this can sometimes help in the future.


Most people will pay because it can end up in collections...


It seems like all the people with problems are ones who don't like to pay their bills. Directv is not a charity.

Nothing in life is free.

Go get an antenna if you want "free". That simple.


Direct TV is a rip off and I PAY MY BILLS!


I am so happy for you! But I'd believe it when I actually see the money in the bank for DTV is well known for their lies. Hopefully you will share with others how you went about doing this and help them with their problems they are having with DTV.


Thank u, yes I had my money in my account by midnight that night. I also cancelled my bank card and got a new one so this wouldn't happen again.

Yes if you look at my previous post before I explained that I contacted attrny general office, bbb better business bureau, fox. 13 news,as well as their (dtv)cooperate office I was dertermined to fight back and not let it go, after doing all that within hours someone contacted me by phone from dtv, agreeing to refund money I asked them for this in writing confirming what they told me,because their Such Liars!

and that's when they sent the email confirming. I feel as though had I not put in the work and done all that I did they would not have given me back my money.that Is too much money to allow someone to just take away from me and I was determined to not let that happen


I just started to record conversations for my own record. In some states one must notify the other party or the recording is not admissible in court.


I just started to record conversations for my own record. In some states one must notify the other party or the recording is not admissible in court.


good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank u