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After nearly two years with this company, I was ready to move and therefore cancel with them. So in order to get my ducks in a row, I called ahead of time to see what I should do. So I called; I was navigating the phone tree when I realized that the best category for my question was the cancellation people, so I eventually spoke to one of them.

That was a mistake.

The people in this (cancellation) department were nothing like those in any other dept. These are your typical collection-type people. They no doubt are put in this department due to their dirty, ruthless personalities.

Anyhow, I told the person I was thinking ahead to my cancellation and thats when the lies began. The lady put me on hold, and when she returned she said that although I had the service for nearly two years, the fact that I moved, meant that the two year contract( which is in the small print and never mentioned, ever - I was under the impression I had a one year contract) had been reset from the date of my move, one year earlier. That is, that because in the middle of the 2 years, I moved, it meant the clock had been reset for the contract. Again, no one ever mentioned this to me, and no paper stating that was sent to me.

So I called them on the ***... told them I never was told by either a representative (when I called), nor by the installation representative ( who moved my equipment) of this rule.

The lies: First they said I had agreed to this new contract on a the piece of paper that the installation rep had me sign ( except I did read this carefully). So I told them that I did read the paper and it did not say such a thing. She put me on hold, and hung up. [I think that by hanging up on you, they let it sink in and you may believe it, it gives them time, and if you didn't get their name and number they can deny the lies].

I call back, new girl tells me a similar tale. I tell her I read the installation papers carefully and that it does not say that the contract starts anew. She recommends that I get a copy of this contract to verify [I smell the ***]. She now adds that when I ordered the move to a new address in the middle of my contract, that I verbally agreed to reset the beginning date of the contract. She asks to put me on hold and hangs up on me too.

I call back, they agree to review. Meanwhile to get it on paper, I start asking if what I was told over the phone about the verbal agreement and the installation paper are true. I get blown off several times, but I demand to speak to someone and I eventually get a call.

The person is appologetic, but never admits that those are lies, she simply agrees to review the whole thing.

If I had simply paid them, I would be out over 200 dollars.

At one point, I failed to mention, that one of the first two people I spoke to, added that I could instead pay 99 dollars for the installation and keep my original start date.

Later, while waiting for their decision, and to seem on top of things, I call them again. I am told I am correct on all counts. I ask the girl to send me what she just said in writing. She says they do not do that. I was afraid that they were just saying it and going to screw me in the end anyway. She says that because 2 months are left on my contract, I can cancel for 50 dollars. I tell her to cancel my acct.

Predictable, they charge 280 on my credit card without asking.

I begin a new campaign and after over one week they return all but the $50 plus tax. And when I complain about the 280, I had to put up with more reps hanging up on me by accident, and a few of them told me that the charges were correct (like starting from the begingin.

The lesson: When dealing with Direct TV Always take names and their numbers at the begining of the call, if legal I would record these liars, fight back, tell everyone you know about their tactics, etc,

or better yet never deal with Directv, like me.

knowledge is power

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Sangre Grande, Trinidad And Tobago, Trinidad And Tobago #16858

customer service is basically a joke now adays and u should double check the answer u got from a customer service rep. But your *** for not ready disclaimers in ads and the contracts you sign.

La Grange, Missouri, United States #12958

yur a *** *** its right in the lease agreement when your system was installed that your contract renews

Bellingham, Washington, United States #10834

Try the BBB ,I had a problem with Dish Network like yours. I sent a complaint to the BBB online and low and behold It worked like a charm..

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