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After six years as a customer, I have purchased a new HDTV and checked into upgrading my service to HD. I currently have two DVR and two standard recievers.

I find that it will cost me $600 to ugrade to HD before I even start paying the higher monthly rate! Too much! I can go to Comcast for HD service at a lower rate and no $600 start up. Guess what I am going to do?

I also have one of recievers that stopped working today for some reason? I went to "war" with DirectTV a year or so ago when they automatically added Hockey Center Ice to my bill because my wife had purchased it the year before as Xmas present. When I called them they refused to remove it because the season had started and continued to bill me. I solved that problem by removing my credit card from autopay.

I never allowed them that trust again.

So when they recieved payment only for what I wanted, we "talked" and corrected their mistake. I've recently tried to e-mail them to discuss the HD fees but I don't have the patience to grind my way through their automatic "problem solver" system so I am fed up!

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