Houston, Texas

when i subscribed to directtv i was told what great service they provide, etc. when i called to find out why my bill was 41.50 more than it should have been i was told NFL ticket was added to my account.

I did not order this and hate the NFL. When i called to try and get this taken off and cancelled, I was told by the "Phillipine" office that they would not doi this. even though i did not order it. they rip you off.

i will see you in court, you *** suckers.

i have a perfect 2-0 record looking to make it 3-0 at your expense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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DIRECTV is corrupt. That is why 22 state attorney generals filed a suit against DIRECTV for illegal practices. There are a number of class action lawsuits being filed against this company currently. To learn about one, contact the source below...I did, after being charged hundreds of dollars for cancelling a service I had NO CONTRACT with!

Judy Vick


Consult the following law firm for a class action lawsuit against DIRECTV:

Nimish R. Desai

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein

275 Battery St., 30th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

T: 415.956.1000

F: 415.956.1008



I had to relocate out of country, we so we agree to pay a fee to end the contract early. Almost 5 months after our account was closed they charged my debit card $300.

I have been fighting them to get it fixed.

as for now im stuck and screwed... they are rude and out to screw who ever they can..


You are right, My father in-law sued them years ago. Despite his warning, I ordered DTV.

I have been screwed since the day they hooked it up. 2yr contract @ $19.95 155+channels. Well after 2 months it was $56.

2yr later I pay $70.95. Talk about screwing people.