Direct TV is crooked. Don't switch.

Lied four times. Charging more than promised. They promised us $79.99 for the entire 24 months. I repeated it twice to make sure it was that amount and now it turns out it will be $42 higher the 2nd yr.

They say they can't help that their employee told us wrong and promised 4 times to look into it but still no help a month later. Each time they promise to check the recording but then say it hasn't been done. I've had to spend a huge amount of time which has been totally wasted to try to get them to honor what they promised when they signed me up.

They lie, cheat, and steal!!! Don't trust them!!!

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We agreed to upgrade to the genie service in September, not agree to extending our service. We are now moving and getting a charge for $400.00.

Also the genie tiles during certain programming.

I would not go back to this service ever. We where a customer for 7 years and they will lie about a customer third party agreement?

Forest Grove, Oregon, United States #658873

They called said there is a promotion have an upgrade to one of my receivers from basic to HD receiver and extended the contract another 2 years without letting me know that it is the norm. When I came to know they have done this I asked them to take it back and I don't need it and they said it is already done. I think this is a fraud.

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