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My huband and I started with Direct TV in 9/2007 after moving into our new home. Over the past couple of years I recieve brochures in the mail with my name and adress with promotional offers.

After recieving several I called to inquire and was told I was not eligible because I was an existing customer. I asked them to stop sending me the promotions if they wouldn't honor and they continues to send them anyway. Recently, the local telephone company put fiberoptics lines in our area and had a promotion to switch. So we did.

After discontinuing our service with diretv, we received a statement with a 0 balance and a refund check for $ll.22. A month later I received a We Have Sent You A Final Bill But Haven't Received A Payment of 33.93 signed the collections department from direct TV. No explanation on the bill. After calling to inquire they claimed it was a new bill for 3 PPV movies.

We have never used PPV and never had the Diretv hooked to our phone line for that reason. They claimed it was for 3 movies watched in 2007 they claimed they obtained the info.

off my returned equipment. What a rip off and I am pissed.

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I was told from a "customer service resolution specialist", that it would take their processing 6-10 weeks for my refund check to get to me by mail!! I said that that was absurd! He said that it didn't matter if it was a card refund or a paper check.

Who has gotten a refund back from DirecTV?

How long has it taken you to receive? How long have/ had you been waiting??

Is there anything You did or I can do, to speed up the return process??

I was told that writing or contacting the BBB would help.

Does anybody know if that is true?

down with DTV!!!!!

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