Roseburg, Oregon

I just recently hooked up direct tv in the past 3 months. They were a day late to install, and the installer brought neither manual nor cables to hook up the receivers.

They had to "borrow" the cables for my DVD player and promise to replace them later. After several phone calls to the installer (a long distance number that I was charged for) and several calls directly to the company I have neither the manual (unless I down load my own on a dial up modem) or the cables that they stole from my DVD players.

I also called the number for refer a friend (I specifically looked up that number and called it) Neither I nor my friend have been credited with the money on our bill. I also have had difficulty manuvering their horrible website to get any information and to get my rebates (which I haven't seen yet either).

A phone call eats up a good hour or so (at least) every time I call and has resulted only in me wasting hours of time while the people at the other end have promised to make it right. Only the person who I talked to about the manual was honest -- and he told me that since I was unlucky enough to have gotten a box with a missing manual I didn't get one.

I felt like cancelling very soon after I signed up, but they charge for that as well. I've never felt so scammed in all of my life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Website.

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After reading many,many complaints I have come to the conclusion that DTV allows only a few people to receive the rebates (maybe a few people to prove they actually do the rebates) while most do not get rebates from DTV. DTV keeps putting off most people or promising them that it is all taken care of or will be and all of a sudden they tell you it is too late that you did not do so and so in the allowed amount of time.The biggest kicker is that if you have any equipment upgrade throughout your contract even if for non working equipment that extends your contract another 2 yrs


never got my rebates either, got free HD for life, but they brought out a non HD receiver.