Dry Ridge, Kentucky
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have had directv long time iam tired of wasting my money on HBO,SHOWTIME, etc.etc and they keep showing same movies over and over i have called directv about this at least 4 times each time they tell me there is nothing they can do that i needed to contact each one HBO.SHOWTIME/ etc etc my self what a joke maybe another company will care and want my business they tell me that they do not control the programing but they sure can take my moneythey say they care about ther customers but which ones what a joke

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Why don't you just cancel the HBO and Showtime? I used to subscribe but got sick of seeing the same movies over and over too but just cancelled the services.

There is nothing Directv can do about the programming that HBO and Showtime line up.

Ask someone who doesn't have Directv but subscribes to HBO or Showtime, they get the SAME programming so this is not Directv's fault! :roll

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