I called directv to inquire as to their services. I learned later in the week they had scheduled an appointment to install equipment, although I was very explicit I was not ready to make an appointment.

I called to make sure the appointment was cancelled, the representative would not cancel the appointment. I called again and believe I succeeded in cancelling the appointment, although not sure if they will honor this. I halfway expect them to show up anyway.

The sales staff was very aggressive, rude and hard to work with. Based on this alone I should have hung up immediately.

Review about: Directv Sales Representative.

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Holly, Colorado, United States #263461

i got directv installed sept. 2010 they told us that i have to pay only 143 dollar every month including tax .

next month bill 350 dollar , next bill 280 dollar i c/o my bills went down to 187 dollar every month.

last month feb. my bills went up to 287 dollar.


Todd...you are right when you say read all the complaints. A lot of good information can be picked up by doing that.I also went to eHow.com and typed in:

How to Cancel DirecTv Service & Stop, Avoid or Reverse Early Cancellation Fee

This was very helpful in my getting my money back from DTV.I also filed the necessary complaints with the BBB,FTc and Attorney General


PLEASE DON'T DO IT.....Read all the complaints on the Internet, I didn't and they got me too. They are theives and their so called techs are a joke and unknowlegeable.

Leaving *** all over my driveway and pulling up in a van that looks like my house is getting robbed. I called Cable One to come out and fix the nightmare and go back to them, returning all their stuff.

Still getting billed $380.00 and $169.00 to Quest for one months service. Think about it....still fighting them right now.


If a *** installer shows up just tell him to get *** lost.

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