Conyers, Georgia
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I scheduled my appointment with directv on July 27,2011 between 12-4pm. Nobody showed up by 3:30. I called customer service and told them what happened and they gave me another number to call. The place was closed.

They cancelled my service installation with absolutely no warning. They had an attitude because I was pissed that I waited for their workers to have no one show.

Long story short no one came that day either. I was livid. No one still hasn't showed up. I called again today and they were like sorry for the inconvenience and the earliest they can send someone is Aug 4. Seriously?

I cancelled it, I don't want service from a company that cant even come out when they say they are and then gives you the round around with excuses. Directv is horrible horrible service. I will be sticking to comcast.

They also lied about the cheap prices they had. They should be outlawed.

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I agree thats insane. Ive missed appointments and church waiting on diretv just for them to tell me they will come Aug 4.

They play games with the customers and have really nasty attitudes. They also have no sympathy and acted as if it was no big deal they continuously lied about when they would come to my home.


I've been a Directv custumer since 1999 back in the day when you bought your own dish at Radio Shack, K-mart etc. Back then you had to install your own dish or hire someone, Directv didn't do it.

So 13yrs later I thought I'd upgrade to high definition.

BIG MISTAKE. The new dish had to be installed in a new location. Okay, fine no big deal, so I thought. I'm in a wooded location so I thought I'd get a Directv tech to come over and survey my home to make sure I could get a strong signal BEFORE I agreed to a 2 yr contract that Directv insisted I agree too before they would install the dish and give me the high definition service.

The tech came out, went on the roof with me, and found a a spot that would never have any tree issues. He had me install a ground rod so as to shorten the run of cable which is a good thing. Great I thought...(Let me stop and say it is absolutely true that rain, wind, snow, clouds and a single tree leaf will affect your signal). So I agreed to the Directv contract and made an appointment.(2 weeks wait btw).

So here comes a Directv sub- contractor (not Directv) ."There's no way I'm putting the dish there" It will have to go on the front of the house" I explained to the man what the other tech was going to do and he refused to listen as he walked around my house looking at the sky. I asked the man to leave since he refused to install it in the location that was agreed upon. I called the original tech and he told me the guy was crazy that he could do the work. Okay, I got his tech badge number and requested he do the work, that was his idea.

I called Directv again and set up an appointment. That brings us to about 2hrs ago.(and btw I missed a day at work for this so I have plenty of time to tell the truth about Directv) Another tech showed up. I explained the installation again, showed him the ground rod location and again he went on the roof with me and said It would be no problem he would have it installed in 45 minutes. Great I thought finally I'm going to get my dish.

( I could add more but this tech was a nice man and I don't want to see him lose his job when a Directv sob reads this) He went to my driveway and started to assemble the dish. I went to the roof to add some blocking( Foot holds) to make his job easier. I'm a licensed contractor. I came down from the roof to return his drill.

He was on the phone to his boss. His boss told him not to do the install or else. I guess this guy was mad because I sent the other tech away and he'd look *** if another tech did the job that couldn't be done. He was nice and said he could easily do it but his boss said it wasn't safe.

Being a contractor I know when someone says it's not safe there is not much you can do. And I don't blame them. But I was told by two techs they could easily do it. And who DOESN'T have safety issues when working on a roof.

After 13 years I'm no longer a Directv customer or ever will be again., Directv suggested that I hire a second party to install the dish so they could keep my business and my money.. what a joke. I may never use a tv provider again, to many options.

I may just stream my entertainment. And you know what, I kinda like the idea of saving a hundred or so bucks a month.