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My Mother in law called to set up an appointment with DirecTV. She was told that they could mirror the tv in the bedroom so it was watchable in the kitchen.

She uses the kitchen tv all day. Well, the sales department said no problem we do that all the time. Well the installer came out today. He called and said he would be running late.

He said he should be here between 330 to 400pm. Well, he got here past 4pm. My mother in law told him all what she wanted done and he said oh no we can't mirror the tv in separate rooms. She asked him if there was anything that could be done.

She was willing to have a separate box put in the kitchen so she could watch tv in there. The installer said let me make a phone call and I'll be right back. He went out to his van. My mother in law went to go check on him.

She seen that he was on the phone and he didn't even look up at her. She came back inside thinking he would come back after the phone call and tell us what they could do for us. Well, the installer never came back inside to tell us anything. He just drove off in his van.

At least have some common courtesy to tell us what you could have or have not done for us!!!! People are so rude sometimes. So, she is going to stick with the DISH network. She will have to call DISH to get a new satellite box from them since her old one broke.

She said she won't have tv until Friday. If DirecTV could of told us something after the phone call all of this could of been avoidable!!!

Monetary Loss: $127.

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