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I worked for a company that handles the calls for directv, and I am sorry for your experience. I assure you that directv does value their customers.

Some of the call centers made not express this, but they do. I would have fixed your issues and you would have hung up with a totally different feeling. I no longer work for that call center, When anyone signs up for dtv you have to submit your rebates before your installation, so you see the savings on your first bill. If you don't have a computer call us and we will be glad to submit them for you.

They have a protection plan also that covers your equipment.

When I left there, I probably felt the same way as our customers. Directv really needs to get a handle on their sales people and how their agents that are the direct link to the customers are treated.

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When I got DTV I did call about the rebates and the rep said she would be glad to help me,she signed me up for the rebates or so I thought..I later found out that I had not been signed up at all.then the over billing started and again I'd call and they would swear it was taken off only to be on next month's bill.then, DTV stated they did not receive one of my payments and would turn off my service if I did not pay.I sent them proof of payment by mail and fax 3 times,they still swore they did not get it. In desperation I cancelled service and had a lot of trouble getting the early cancellation fees & nonreturned equip fees back taken off my credit card had to cancel cc. I will NEVER have DTV again and do not recommend that anyone else get their servicezNuhy

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