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I'm writing u because u all say i still have to pay on a bill that Iv already payed off. and there for I'm not paying it again so please stop sending me bills.

the next time i get a bill from u all I'm calling the better business borrow. So u need to tell DirecTv that they are payed off so they can let use have them back.

This is the last time I'm going to let u all know how i feel because I dont like getting mad over stuff like this . Thank you

Monetary Loss: $508.

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If you have any kind of receipt showing you paid them off.I'd think that would be all you need, just send them a copy by registered mail,they have to sign for the letter and cannot tell you they did not get it.


Is this a debt collector? Do they continue to call you numerous times per day?

If so you can sue them for harassment. I work at a law firm that handles these type of cases all the time.

If you'd like I can have an attorney take a look at your potential case. email me


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