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We waited all day one Saturday for Directv to show up, made 2 phone calls and was told that a serviceman would be here. They never showed. We got a call at 530pm saying the tech was overloaded for the day and was done for the day. We were told someone would be out Sunday. No one showed. We were on the phone for 30 minutes and were told someone would be out the following Saturday. Guess what? NO ONE SHOWED!! The lady "forgot" to schedule the service. After another 30 minutes on the phone we were told someone would be out in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! What the heck? We have been loyal customers for 3 years and my husband has been with them even longer. This is how your customers get treated?! I mean seriuosly, it's called CUSTOMER SERVICE and y'all preach about how wonderful your customer service is and obviously it's TERRIBLE! Sure we got some money knocked off our bill, but does that really make up for all the *** and excuses we got? Um, no I dont think so!


2 very upset Directv customers

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I guess you have never made a mistake. The rep probably did.

As for the wait...that sucks but you wont die without tv. Installers show up at jobs sometimes with no warning of how complicated or big a job is.

They getvtold to install a house and often dont know that the house is very large and has custom installation requests. I feel bad for the installers and the customers getting put on hold for such things.

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