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i was paying $55 a month with the Dish & my payment went up to $75 so i called Directv to see if they could offer me a better deal & they told me $55/month for the 1st year. I have been charged double that amount each month for the last 3 months.

They 1st tell me that my billing is corrrect & I should be paying $102/month then I get transferred & the next person tells me she will fix it. I'm still getting billed the $102 & will never go with this company again.

Why would I go from $75/month to $102.

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Ive been having the same horrible experience. I was paying $175 with Comcast so I called directv.

They gave me the great offer to pay $51 a month for 3 months en it would go up to $71 a month. Just got my 4th months bill...$308!!!!!!!!!! I called and got transferred to 6 different "supervisors" who told me sorry.

Screw them I'm not paying..even for early cancelation fees. Eat it directv

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