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I mailed my monthly payment in on 09/17/2012.I telephoned DIRECTV and SPOKE to a customer service rep.Because i wanted to know why?Have my payment not been posted as of 09/24/2012.I was told don't worry we will not interrupt your service,Because we have a grace period before we can interrupt your service's.First of all ,I do not care about your grace period.I want to know why?Have you all not posted my check.You all state it take's (5) day's to post an account.This is not true,Because i mail my payment in each month on the same day of each month and MY payment alway's clear's in 3-4 day's.Someone need's to get up off their *** and POST my check.You want your money on time.AND i want my account posted on time.What is you all problem.How long does it take to enter account?I understand why?SO many other people want to leave DIRECTV.WTF.

Monetary Loss: $87.

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I have been a customer of DTV for 2 years. I have never had anything but good experiences with customers service.

Now, with that being said. I have read multiple comments on these threads that consist of people calling the authors crybabies/ ignorant and mocking their complaints. The entire purpose of this website is to voice complaints (hints the name pissedconsumers) its not called These people's childish taunts sound more like someone on payroll not fellow customers. And if you don't want to hear ppl *** and moan why come to a website specifically for that.

One other thing, I find it hard to believe the people who are claiming to work for Directv are gainfully employed by them or anyone else considering their lack of ability to spell and that their grammatical aptitude is that of a third grader.

Its kind of sad my first complaint about this company comes because of idiots who may or may not even work for them. I pray that I am not giving money to a company that would allow employees to treat customers with such high levels of disrespect and have such low levels of intelligence.


look this is the deal im a dtv billing supervisor the thing that you people need to understand is that we have rules to follow if we don't follow those rules we are going to be screw so when the customer call and tell us their story and they keep calm we are going to do our best to help them out but as soon the customer starts to threat us thats when the cust will loose why because we are going to do what the book says and we are not going to try to override anything because we are not going to be affected at all because we are doing our job only so as a advise when you call dtv threat the agent well dont try to scare us because we are not doing nothing wrong , but if the cust understand us we are going to help them with everything that is in our hands


Like there is really someone there physically opening each letter, looking at the check, manually entering in the account number and payment????

Get real people! Everything is automated.

That is why you must include the payment coupon with the check.

Most everything is done by OCR & sorting machines (Optical Character Recognition). That's why I pay online for my account.

There is no confusion over mailing, posting, lost mail.


Number one i did include my payment coupon and Number two i really do not care how DIRECTV process their mail as long as my payment get's processed in a timely manner.Pay DIRECTV online never,Not in this life time anyway's.The problem is everyone want's to get paid.But no one want's to do their job in a timely manner.I have been in this type of a job.But also my job was alway's taken care of in a timely manner.Their is no CONFUSION on my part.But their is a large problem with DIRECTV'S PROCESSING OF PAYMENT'S.If you pay online,That's great for you.But i choose to mail in my monthly payment so if you do not mind.You can just butt out of this post.Thank you and Have a great day.


Number one if you are really a SUP.Then you need to be fired.Their is nothing in my post about anyone being rude.But evidently you are either unaware of the context of my post are you are to *** to understand what i actually wrote.I never stated anyone was rude and I was never rude to anyone. So before you try to send a comment to anyone get your fact's straight.WTF.Everyone has rule's in their job duties,But people like you,Make's it bad for everyone else.YOU DAM ***.Where do you get off posting a comment like you did.


yes i am a sup maybe i already talked with some of you my name is john 762887 is my id number how ever my point is that if the customer wants us to help them they dont need to be rude with us im not saying that directly you do it but 90% of the cust that calls and request to speak with a supo they want to scream at us and that is very annoying thats why to some cust we overide over 700 dlls wer can do it but to some cust we dont even overide .1 cent so as a advice do that try to do it and will help all of you and i post here because is a place were people is mad to dtv and im telling you tips how to convince the supervisors and another advice try to talk with a mexican supervisor because is you talk with a filipin sup they wont help you at all

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