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Back in October 2010 I received an offer in the mail for a direcTV bundle, starting at $29.95 per month. I was with Verizon Fios for TV, Internet & Phone and was trying to save a little money per month.

The young lady I spoke to assured me that my total bill for TV Internet and Phone would be no more than $80.64 and that my internet and phone service would stay with Verizon, but be billed through DirecTV, and they would organize that.

I agreed and setup an installation date, when a technitian came and installed a new satelite dish (bigger and uglier than the old DirecTV dish that was on the roof) abd did NOT remove the old dish (not his job).

A few weeks later when I got the first bill it was for over $80 and only included the TV service. I called customer service (LOL - you don't get any service there) and started the song and dance about how good a deal that was and how I could save some more if I went and requested a rebate online. I also found out thay had NOT communicated anything to Verizon about switching the internet and phone billing.

I then got Verizon customer service on the phone and discovered that my particular service (voice on copper line and internet on Fios) could NOT be billed via direcTV. We then did a 3 way call to DirecTV customer service and after much discussion was informed that I was stuck with DirecTV even though they could not deliver what they had promised. And that if I calcelled I would have to pay the cancellation fee of $480.

I demanded to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 7 minutes, then the operator came back and said to hold further as they were still trying to find a supervisor. I was then cut off and nobody bothered to call me back.

A few days later I posted a complaint on their website and got a response that someone would calle the next day. Nobody did, however a call was received from DirecTV a few days later when we were out.

The next week I called again and finally got to speak to someone who called themselves a supervisor. She was not really willing to listen nor did she have any power (or desire) to anything about the situation, except inform me that I was bound by their agreement and would have to pay the termination fees anyway and if I did not pay the bill they would simply charge the credit card that I had used for the initial +- $20.00 setup fee.

I will be contesting these charges via my bank. Did I mention the amount of time burned up trying to handle this whole cycle?

John Boshoff

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Also watch out, they will run a credit check on your Equifax report even if you just ask about services. They did this to me and now I have an inquiry where I had not had one since I bought a car.


Direct TV cost considerably more than they said it would. There were a lot of "un-anticipated" charges. I would recomend using your laptop.


im with direct tv and like every 3 times a week are sattulite isnt working eveen when its not any bad wheather just sunnny sometimes dont get direct tv thinking about swintching :? peace cupcake out 8) 8)




I am having a disagreement with them. I am very dissatisfy with business practice.

I would like to be invovle in the class action suit. They owes people money. Five dollars to speak to representative sometimes depending your problem.

Service charges keep their equiptment working so you would be watch television and on and on. :upset


Hey Roxanna :( I'll go in with you on a class action, if we were named plantiffs, we'd get some $ back from this company! I was a customer for about 8 years..if they would have taken as good of care of me as they do their new customers, I would have still been with them!

But no, they came out, hooked up their HD services and gave me the HDTVDV what ever...and "Rolled me" into a new 2 year service agreement without so much as a mention! What a crock, this will never stand up in services were bundled and bills long Direct, see ya, bye bye now...I have Comcast, which isn't the best but I know in a year if they don't treat my like I want I'm going to be gone from them too!


dish net work is bad ,but notto hard to deal I have comcast,some problems but at least I can talk to some in the good old U.S.Ahave we ask for so much[even unionized]that companys real are not altogether at falt.enerything we do comes back so pay more.driving a 18 wheeler for many years opened my eyes to alot of things that we do to make company do some of the things that they do.haven' the goverment messed with as that w have to become liers to deal inevery day life.You can not be totally honest and survive. what are we teaching our children they contradict ourselves.What have we become?


Wow.. So far after ten years or more with DTV I had good luck..

From getting HD TV upgrades.. To moving the dish to new spot in the yeard.. to getting deals from dtv..

to tech miss haps to having no tv or missing chann.. but the cost is a bit high


Outsourcing! Its cheaper for big business to go to india than to hire a well qualified customer service rep here in the states.

And when a company does hire someone here in the states its at $8.00 an hour paid to a kid with no experience with the public or someone who doesnt care because they are paid so cheaply. What the ***?

When I pay my good money to a company I expect at least the minimum of common decency. America stand up dammit!


Additional comment to my previous post. My account last name with Directv was Ferguson, I later changed my name.

I had full service with them at the time of my cancellation.

I was paying them over $200 a month at the time I tried to cancel. Since I was fully paid up in advance, they stole in excess of $200 from me.


I will never do business with Directv again. First of all, it is very hard to cancel your service with this company.

They hate to lose a customer and will make all sort of promises to try to keep you. They even promised to pay my bill for month, give me freebies, etc. I did not ***. In the end they ripped me off before I could get them to cancel my service.

This is how they did it. As you know, they bill you in advance for your service. I was paid up, a whole month in advance when I called them to cancel my service. After agreeing to the cancellation, they were extremely slow in effectuating the cancellation.

They continued my service for days after my initial cancellation request, I guess trying to avoid paying me back anything. And they never gave me a refund for my unused service! Instead, they sent me a final bill and get this, showing me owing them! I knew I did not owe them anything, but was tired or arguing with them on the phone and went on and paid the final bill.

Result: They later refunded my overpayment of the final bill they sent me,(my own money) but never, ever gave me back the money from the advanced paid up service!!!!

Beware of this company. It will find a way to steal your money!!!!


i had direct tv for three years when i lived in a townhouse then i moved into a house and decided to keep direct tv so the day i moved into my house direct showed up to install my service so the guy went on top of the roof and at this time i'm unpacking so the direct guys runs in my house to tell me that he dropped his hammer and broke a pipe and water is going every where so new to a home i was like find the water shut off so he did find it but it shut off all the water in the house so i did not have water in my house the direct tv guy told me he called his company and that some one would be out early in the morning to fix the pipe so i waited because i felt they should have paid for it but no one ever showed up i called direct tv and informed them what there tech had told me and that was a complete LIE they did not care theyv told me i needed to mail them pictures and a written statment and get some one to fix it and then they would do something about paying me back so to make a long story short i hate direct tv they are liars and i was so happy to say goodbye and become a cox customer i think direct tv is full of there self and i am happy they are not robbing me any more what a joke and very bad experience for a first time home owner


Direct TV wants you to upgrade to HD but when you do beware the cost is very hi. Just to replace existing equipment was $565.95 and not to mention the *** you have to have to put up with, waiting on hold being hung up on etc.

If I had decent cable service here I would go cable. Direct TV does not take care of long time (15 years) customers with any thing free including upgrades.


Direct TV is a joke. they claim to offer the best customer service.

Yeah right they are a rippoff that will take your money whenever they can without your authorization. I am fighting them through my bank to get back money that was taken from my account without reason. Then i received a bill stating I was getting a credit back for all the money they stole. To this day the only thing I got was a credit for there sorry equipment but I am still out.

Now they have there Bullies Allied Interstate trying to collect a DEBT THAT IS NOT OWED AND THAT THEY ALREADY STOLE MY MONEY FOR. shame on Direct TV and there not so consumer friendly business practices.


I'm willing to be a part of a DIRECTV class action suit. Let's do this.


Used a Divorce lawyer in Wilmington, N.C. She did not get me an equitable division of property nor even tried, just went with what my ex husband proposed and told me it was best we could do.

I had paid her retainer for this "work".

After a bad settlement she billed me for an additional $2400, adding insult to injury. :eek


I switched from "Dish" to Directv to save money; Ended up paying $28 more per month and out $300 for a mistake THEY made. I'm retired and can't afford the Early Termination Ripoff, so I'll escape from them as soon as I can.

They don't seem to realise that this stuff spreads. I put them down every chance I get; none of my family or friends will ever deal with them.


Why don't all you guys come together and file a class action suit against Directv. Stop letting big companies screw the consumer.


All I can say is that my husband and I are going through a similar experience with DirecTV and I will bad mouth that sorry company until the day I die unless they fix what they have messed up. I guess "doing your homework" ahead of time doesn't mean much anymore.

They lie to you and tell you one thing but when the bill comes it is completely different. When you ask for answers, none are given. If answers are given they just continually pass you through the loop with each person you talk to after that giving you a different answer.

DirecTV does not stand behind customer satisfaction nor do they give a rat's behind about the customer. NEVER USE DIRECTV!


This just happened to us. On 3/02/2011 we order the bundle package over the phone and was lied to.

They came the following Sunday and installed the tv, but the internet and phone they said would be by someone later. After 3 days of calling and numerous hours on the phone, we were told it is not their problem and we can not cancel or will be charged the $480.00 early termination fee.

They really rip people off. And are not willing to help at all!

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