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To Whom it may concern:

On October 13th 2011 I had, had enough of my picture constantly going out due to the rain. I had just finished trying to watch a show I had recorded from the night before only to find that over 20 minutes of the show didn't record due to the rain the night before. The 5 days before this it had been raining quite a bit and during that time I had no picture regularly, there were periods where my picture was out for 2-4 hours at a time. Living in Florida during the summer it rains a lot, and I had the same thing throughout the summer. UFC pay per views that I spent $50 dollars a piece on with a house full of friends ready to watch the fights only to have the picture go out for half of them including the final two rounds of a championship fight. Needless to say after one of my favorite shows not recording I was at the end of my rope. I called in to cancel my service, I had had it. I called the 1-800-DIRECTV phone number and after telling the automated system I was calling to cancel I was put through to Oscar in the retention department. I told Oscar my problems and frustrations and he began offering me things to try to keep my business. I kept telling him I wasn't interested and that what he was offering me just wasn't enough to deal with not having a picture half of the time. First he offered me a $50 credit off my bill for the month, I said no, then he offered me Showtime free for 12 months on top of the $50 credit, I said no. The next thing he offered was an additional $10 off my bill per month for 12 months on top of the other things, still I said no. His next offer was to add the NFL Sunday Ticket for free to my account on top of the other offers, to this I decided that may be worth staying for so I told him ok, but that I wanted a technician to come out and check my dish. We set up a date and time for the technician to come out, Oscar gave me a confirmation number and another phone number of 1-888-355-7530. After putting me on hold for a couple minutes we were done and I was happy.

About 6 hours later when I got home I decided to check out what was on Showtime only to find that I wasn't getting the channels. So I once again called Direc tv. This time I got Melinda on the phone employee id # 100422109. Melinda pulled up my account and told me that there were no notes on my account, that nothing had been done, and that the system showed that I hadn't called in since February. I told her about the entire conversation earlier with Oscar, and all the things that I had been promised all of which I had written down. She put me on hold for several minutes and came back only to tell me that all of the things that were promised to me to keep my business could not be honored and that the only thing she could do was give me Showtime free for 3 months. I was furious. Here I've been a loyal customer with Direc Tv for years, stayed with Direct Tv even after years of frustration of my picture going out, only to be told that everything that was promised to me I could not get. I spent close to a half hour of my day on the phone with Oscar for nothing, and I spent over a half hour on the phone with Melinda dealing with this. I asked her about the fact that the system told me the conversations were being recorded and that I wanted the conversation to be pulled up. Her response was that's for training and that's not possible. Then she told me the only other thing she could do was offer me the NFL Sunday Ticket at HALF PRICE! I told her absolutely not, that Direct Tv was not getting another dime out of me, I should be getting money from them for the horrible service and frustration I've had to go through. Melinda's attitude was one that I really couldn't believe, it was one of just not caring at all, like she didn't care if I stayed with Direc Tv or not, like my business was nothing to the company. I told Melinda that I wasn't even going to bother trying to talk to a supervisor and that I'd be calling Comcast and once I had a date scheduled for the cable to be hooked up Id call back and cancel service with Direc Tv, and she very easily let me off the phone.

I want you-Direc Tv to know that I intend on complaining to every single agency, website and forum that I can possibly find. I'm going to let everyone know exactly what kind of "service" you provide and the dirty tactics you employ to try and keep customers. I also plan on letting all of my customers my company deals with about your company. You see in owning a, lets just say technology based company my employees see a lot of customers every day, often times customers will ask us whats the best computer we recommend or tv and very often we are asked about cable and satellite providers and before we would always recommend Directv, you can bet that will never happen again. This issue with me ultimately will cost your company tens of thousands of dollars if not more, youre not just losing one customer. To be promised something only to be told you can't have it is ridiculous. Your reliability percentages are lies, fabricated to earn you business from your competitors. You can still do the right thing, but by my experience with your company to this point, I'm sure I'll never hear a thing from you. Maybe I'll be proved wrong.


Shane Horton

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I too work for DTV, and I also work with a lot of technology throughout the day. I do hope your situation was taken care of sir, but also want to you know, that no matter what cable provider you go through, not EVERY PERSON will be able to help. Sometimes when it's issues you have with a company you just have to take it to higher ups, or realize that every company has a few ups and a few downs.


Hi Shane,

My name is Carrie. I work for DTV and I have filed your complaint. In my dept I cant give you credits or handle a CSR rep. But i do care and have sent it off for uptraining. I know there is nothing I can do or say to make you believe people in this business care but some do. Wish I could say all but I cant. I hope your issues get addressed and you are happy with you future services rather it be with DTV or not.

thank you.