I am a directv customer and have been for awhile and i love the fx channel and the national geographical channel and now u decide to cut them off right when the mist watched show gets good yall are really starting to suck if it wasnt for my nfl package i would cut yall off tomorrow and go to dish ........this is really upsetting that people have to find out a few days before you decide to cut there favorite channels off....i have had nothing but problems with directv in the last few months..Right now i would NOT recommend directv to anyone

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I have people coming to my house to watch the Texas Tech VS Texas game on FX on 11/5. I pay right at about $100 a month mostly so I can watch sports.

If after paying all this money I have to tell people we have to go to a bar and one that doesent have directv at that to watch this game then I can promise you I will drop directv.

Im not really on either side on this but I pay directv so they are going to be the ones to feel my anger. Also what is so hard about keeping the station on until there is a deal in place.


Just got off the phone with dtv customer service. Mentioned that unions negotiating contracts normally agree to keep working while hashing out details.

She informed me that this was business and more important than union contracts. Dtv trying to save money while we don't get what we contracted for. As far as I'm concerned they can come get their equipment.

They aren't the only game in town. Dtv customer for 15+ years

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