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Basically what Directv tells you in their fine print is, if you order pay per view events it shows up on your bill, if you purchase them off your REMOTE, it LOADS onto the media card that every receiver has and it does NOT show up on your bill. Meaning once you discontinue your service with Directv, they collect the box from you and charge you for every pay per view you purchased with your REMOTE that is "logged" into your media card.

Yet there's no way for you to verify a charge made 3 years ago other than a bill or a receipt, but that is not provided for you, nor is the media card since it's in their hands now. So they can say you bought this event, that event, etc etc and since it ONLY shows up on the media card, which they now have, you have no proof backing up that you didn't purchase these events. See where this is going? They can say you bought 1000 dollars worth of stuff...

and what can you do other than take it to small claims? And Directv WILL and HAVE taken many of their clients to the collecting agency, which obviously ruins your credit score.

You can write all the appeals you want, complain, call, call, call again, but in the end they'll get you to pay, cuz it's business, there's no ethics. If they charge you 100 bucks for something, and you don't pay, they take it to an agency and lower your credit score..

so who loses more? They know they can win, so they go for the $$. This is one way they make additional $$ for their company off their consumers.


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Kingsford Heights, Indiana, United States #234631

I am returning my equipment to them because they charged me $684 to my credit card without authorization. Why?

Who knows. They canceled me. I am still not sure what the #4!! is going on.

Should I take teh cards out of the receivers before returning them. How do I protect myself?


Direct offers $100.00 off for referring new customers, but doesn't tell you that the referring customer has to call in to the rebate center after the new customer places the order and before the new service is installed.

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