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Update by user May 20, 2013

Got a call from the office of the President at DirecTV last week. Evidently, they saw my complaint on the FCC website.

They offered a $120 lump-sum payment to be immediately posted to my account. I was pleased with that and accepted their offer.

Original review posted by user May 09, 2013

When I moved to a rural area, I learned I'd have to have satellite providers for both television and internet. I contacted DirecTV prior to contacting ViaSat (provider of ExedeWildBlue internet) and set up service.

I specifically asked if DirecTV bundled their satellite TV packages with any internet providers, and was told that they do not. We completed my service set-up at that time. Upon performing further research of satellite internet companies, I discovered ViaSat Exede internet and inquired about their services in my area. I asked if they bundle their service with any satellite TV providers and was told that they do bundle with DirecTV which gives the customer a $10 monthly discount.

I asked if the service plan could be adjusted to reflect this bundle and was told to contact DirecTV. I did and they told me to contact ViaSat Exede. Between both companies, Ive made at least 5-6 calls and have been told each time that the other company was responsible for making the change. Nothing has been done since the end of March.

The annual savings may not seem like much, but for a disabled Veteran, $120/year savings would help considerably. I've reached out to both companies numerous times and am not getting anywhere with either of them.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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DirecTV actually stopped bundling with WildBlue for an extended period of time in late 2011 until late 2012, when Exede internet became available. They also stopped bundling with HughesNet years ago.

The fact that you complained enough to get a credit surprises me, especially since you probably ordered it during the time they weren't bundling.


DirectTv is merely a satellite company and not an internet co they always bundle with another company for the internet service and the customer gets 2 bills one from each one. They use this to mislead the customeer quoting them one price and letting the customer think it is for both.They both use this to pass the buck if there are problems that arise.


I love people that have no idea what they're talking about. DirecTv does not bundle with other services.

Other services bundle with DirecTv. I know it sounds like the same thing, but it's not. Other companies like Qwest come up with the bundling idea and propose it to the satellite providers with the requisite that they get second billing in the commercials. Qwest can't compete with HughesNet or WildBlue, so they concoct these schemes.

And by the way, DirecTv owns WildBlue. I work for DirecTv, and I've installed both.

HughesNet also technically used to be DirecTv before it split off into its own company. So whoever told you DirecTv doesn't have its own internet service, probably wouldn't have gotten a commission from it.


From what I was told by the DirecTV rep, who works in the office of the president, DirecTV is responsible for the bundle and not WildBlue. I contacted WildBlue as well, and was told the same thing.

Regardless, the information I was given by the DirecTV rep is different from what you've written here, and they (not WildBlue) took care of the issue, so there's no reason to agree or disagree with you. The matter is closed.