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I've been a directv customer since 1996. There have been a few times when I suspended service, for example, I was moving. After I suspended service last time and went to turn it back on the receiver wouldn't power on. I called and they did do one thing that was nice, they said, "Buy the protection plan and we will send a guy out with a new HD receiver." I agreed but made SURE that this was understood... I'm reactivating my HD service, NOT starting a new contract. The guy on the phone assured me that this was correct.

I'm now on unemployment and cutting costs. First thing to go.. Directv. After offering me $700 total in 'savings' I said, "Please stop with your script... I'm finished here. Cancel it. I can't afford it and cancel it, today, as in NOW, please."

Then this little *** comes out with, "You're ending service early and a cancellation fee applies.", to which I responded, "you need to check your paperwork pal, that's incorrect. I have the work order IN MY HAND..."

This little *** says to me, "my computer says...", like Directv computers are all knowing... some type of electronic God that is never wrong... what a freakin' joke!

I asked to speak to some kind of supervisor or anyone with authority at Directv customer service & got this reply, "I can provide you with a mailing address for upper management."

lol.... Directv are liars. They are unprofessional and downright rude not to mention ***...

I am contacting my State Attorney or whatever Monday morning to investigate how to put these ignorant *** in their place.

I live in Kentucky. Does anybody have any advice?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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They just did me like that a few mins ago...and the lady told mei was ready for a upgrade free i dont have to pay for nothing and i want go under another contract so i switch to a diff company now directv sayin i wad under a contract nni will b bill for $400 im not goin to pay because that lady said i didnt haveva new contract been wif em since 08