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Directv took an unauthorized withdrawal of $270 out of my bank account because they claimed they didnt receive my receivers back. I have PROOF they did - the SAME DAY they STOLE my money!

Now I have been told they will refund it when they can - no date given, just whenever. I am LIVID. This is ROBBERY. I will tell everyone to NEVER do business with DIRECTV and you can be guaranteed that I will never do business with them again!!

EVER! I have emailed the president of the company - lets see if anything happens from there!

I doubt they care but I want everyone to know what they have done so they can avoid them!

Monetary Loss: $270.

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Direct TV over billed me 14$ for 42 months and will only credit my account for 2 months. DO NOT USE DIRECTV, THEY ARE CRIMINALS!


Everything said here is true. I didnt think so at first but now, after 2 years I have been scammed in every way possible.

Starting from the bait and switch of "buying" a DVR that was actually leased, to having a broken leased box that I had to sign another contract to get fixed. I had to sign an extension to my contract to get theior god dam box fixed? wtf? They tried to take monet from an account that was no longer good(I had a fraud- not DTV but probably the same back door people just DTV has brains enough not to blatently steal) and they tried to charge that card anyway.

*** these *** The Attorneys General from 49 states filed suit and won..

guess what? they got 11 million. Wow. Thats what they steal dailey.

The corruption seeps into politics tro the point that the only way to stop these MFs is to blow up the god dam place. I'm done.

I just wish someone would pay attention and do it. Not me as I actually have a life, but seriously, thats the only way to get rid of this foul corrupted stink.


They stole from me too. They say no charge on the phone, then your bill has the charge always.


i was going to get directv about a year ago but after what ive read and the experience my friend went thru, i decided to just go w/ my local cable company instead. my friend was beinf charged for movies she didnt order and also she wasnt able to pay for her daughter to go to camp b/c they stole 730 bucks out of her account for some bs reason.

yeah, i like to f w/ direct tv reps lolol---call them up, act like im interested, and then be like, uh, no thanks i think i'll just go with cox...cox has no contract, u dont have to have a credit card cuz u can just take the money down to the local office--which for me is like 2 miles away. also w/ cox there are no service interuptions and i only pay 30 bucks a month---every f directv and thyeir lying ways...i say dont even return the boxes, i say tske them somewhere and smash them into a million pieces.

theyre just gonna lie and say they ddint get them back anyway!! hahahaha


DirecTV did me too, just yesterday. They just *stole* $600 out of my bank account.

Stolen, as in unathorized. That is stealing.

No I did not authorize it, did not write a check for that amount or verbally authorize. They claim I did not return equipment, they did the bank robbery the day I received the box. If anyone out there is listening, Dish's cancellation process was not draconian, so if you ever have an issue, you won't be *burglarized*. Dish also does not try to lock you into a contract (which I did not agree to or sign up for either, they claim I did this verbally.)

I never and would never sign up for anything knowingly for a multi-year contract. The honest way to deal with the expenses is to charge for the installation, but that's too much to ask.

DirecTV is a direct rip off. Avoid them at all costs.

And for all you flunkies that work for those ***, I hope you sleep well at night. Hope your accounts get raided because they claim this or that.


Wow seymore, You sir, are an ***. When did you get that minimum wage job at Direct TV anyway?

What a loser. You are the perfect mole. Good job Direct TV. *** Losers.

The way DIRECTV really works: It is simply ran by extortion of sorts. Yes, they have a bunch of lawyers, but its only to keep them up to date on what they can get away with and to defend them everytime someone manages to get through the gauntlet of the US legal system which they keep pretty well greased with a combined effort with the RIAA. They have just about everyone paid off.

So to anyone reading this, Seymore is just a thinly veiled Direc TV Employee sent out to try and keep the consumers quiet.


That is correct. The only way to prevent Directv from charging you is to cancel your account.

they do not care if you actually owe them any money or not. They also don't care if you still have service with them or not. I even have a judgement against them and they continued to charge my card. They win, you lose.

Not really a whole *** of a lot you can do about it. They just throw it up on your credit report wether it actually is your fault or not. Thieving bastards, yup that is in the dictionary under Directv. checked and found 39,000 complaints with the BBB, Better Business Bureau.

You'd think someone in the government would shut them down LOL Oh I forgot, the Media RUNS the government. Look at the RIAA etc...


You people are pathetic, paranoid and are probably liberal Democrats that think everyone should get everything for nothing as well. For anyone that thinks that all businesses are out to get you I would encourage you to get professional help immediately before you kill again. While occasionally one of you may have been victim of an error or perhaps even an intentional act of deception for the most part most of you are simply clueless or qualify as perpetrators of fraud yourselves.

A company the size of DIRECTV has a legal department the size of a small Midwestern town that advises them on every policy and practice that they employ. Now I'm not saying that there are no instances of an individual that works for DIRECTV misleading a customer, intentionally or unintentionally. But as a corporate entity DIRECTV has everything to lose by setting policy and engaging in practices that are detrimental to its bottom line. The only way to avoid attrition is keep the customers you have happy so they will tell others.

DIRECTV has about 18 million customers and they continue to grow. Apparently most of those 18 million are pretty well satisfied because DIRECTV has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for 9 years running. If they were p-i-s-s-i-n-g (Funny isn't it, that a website that is called Pissed Consumer won't let the word *** be used in posts. Pretty hypocritical.) called off even 1% of their customers there would be about 180,000 people or so that should be posting on this site yet there is only a handful. Now of the 18 million or so people who are DIRECTV customers they are either 18 million of the stupidest people on the face of the Earth or the less than 1% who claim to have been duped are. Which is it? My money is on the 180,000 or less.

DIRECTV agents are trained for 2 weeks before they take a single call. Then they go through another 2 weeks of On-The-Job training under the watchful eye of trainers. And once they are allowed to take calls without extremely close supervision they are subject to frequent monitoring to ensure that they deliver a quality consumer experience. Every call an agent takes is recorded and archived. They are required to quote accurate pricing based on what they are told by the prospective customer. If the customer attempts or does provide inaccurate information in an attempt to get service or discounts they are not entitled to how does the DIRECTV or one of its agents have responsibility for inaccurate pricing or information that could result. Agents are required to inform all customers that they are leasing, not buying equipment and upon termination of services the equipment must be returned to DIRECTV or the credit or debit card that they provided when they became a DIRECTV customer would be charged for the cost of the equipment. Customers are told to review their 1st bill and the Customer Agreement that is included carefully and to keep both for their records. New customers are told the length of their agreement and if they break that agreement due to early cancellation then they are subject to early cancellation fees. Currently this is $20 per month left in the agreement term. It will be charged to the credit or debit card they provided when they set up service.

You see, when someone calls to sign up for DIRECTV some do not listen closely to what they are being told. It is my assessment that those who claim to have wronged are probably among those who wanted to rush through the sign-up process, argued with the agent about the length of the agreement, felt the cancellation fees were unfair or just ignored any information that the agent provided that didn't line up with their own personal perception of what they did or didn't have to do to hold up their end of the bargain. They think that to provide TV service as content rich as what DIRECTV provides is free, that DIRECTV gets 100% profit from every dollar the take in. Get a clue. Every business that exists today makes an investment and has an expense before any profit is made. DIRECTV is no different. Typically it takes DIRECTV at least 18 months to break even on a new customer. Let me repeat that for the really thick-headed among you. It typically takes 18 months for DIRECTV to break even on the installation and set-up of a new customer. No business exists to just break even and no business continues to exist if they don't make a profit. Since its establishment DIRECTV has continually improved its service, content and technology. No business in the television service provider industry has a record as good as DIRECTV.

Some people complain that satellite TV use to be free. Really? If I recall a satellite system with a dish the size of Rhode Island ran about $8000 or more. That is about 6 years of DIRECTV service with the Premier package that contains over 285 channels of the most popular programming content available. No other TV service provider has anything even close. Of course, one does not have to have a TV service provider. For those of you who think TV should be free as your God given right, you can put up an antenna and get reception of local channels if you can get a strong enough signal. But shut your pie hole and don't complain when there is nothing to watch on TV or there is 30 minutes of program content and 30 minutes of advertising to pay for “free” TV. Or maybe you can watch programming content provided on the Internet that is free. But my friends, that is not free either. You either at least have to have Internet service which is not free, you are a mooch who only gets WI-fi from places like Starbucks or McDonald's (God love ya) or you are stealing service from someone. Who is the unethical one now?

Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle? I doubt it. Simply put 80% of effects are derived by 20% of causes. It is also referred to as the 80-20 Rule. How does it have relevance to this monologue? 80% of the problems/complaints are generated by 20% of the customers a company has. These disgruntled people also increase the expense of doing business and guess who gets to cover the bill? The 80 percent who are relatively satisfied. Do me/us a favor, go kill yourselves now, before you cost me/us another penny. I/we will be eternally grateful.

@Seymour Buttes

And you are crazy for claiming that people probably are liberal democrats. And you are the one who needs professional help.

No-one is claiming that they want something for nothing but what DirecTv is doing by taking money out of people's accounts is totally wrong. No company should take money out of people's accounts without their permission.

DirecTV has taken money out of many people's accounts without their permission. No company should take money out of people's accounts without their permission, if a person doesn't pay their bill, DirecTV should suspend their account until they pay, this is something that Verizon does. Unless you sign up for auto-pay, Verizon will not take the money out of your account unless you pay authorize a payment.


A sucker's born every minute. My phone's ringing, there's another one. Thanks for your hard earned money!!!!


be charged three years later for pay per view that i know nothing about this company is full of it no sattification from customer service they said just pay bill what :upset

customer_rep defend

They give you 45 days to return the recievers why are you returning them that close to the cut off date. Enjoy waiting forever for your rebate.