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So........had no complaints up until about a week ago when out of the blue they withdrew $370 out of my bank account, cost me $150 in bounce fees, causing me to have to go to cash advance just to get grocery money for my two small children and gas for my husband to get back and forth to work, so I get to pay THOSE fees as well. So, lets see, the way I see it, they have cost me a total of $600 plus all the stress that comes from having outstanding fees in my bank and late fees on the bills I couldn't pay because I was bouncing in the bank.

Then they have the AUDACITY to tell me I have an outstanding balance of $51 on my account that needs to be paid - UP YOURS!! I THINK YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF MY MONEY!! They asked me to fax them all the info, which I did in an EXTREMELY timely manner, for them to come at me and say, *Please wait 10 business days for our investigation team to get to the bottom of it* Oh, okay crooks, I'll explain that to my 7 year old when she needs milk, *Honey, I will buy you milk in ten business days when the THIEVES give me back my money, but I have to EAT the late fees, cash advance fees and any other fees associated with THIER mistake.* Here's a suggestion...........GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY WITHIN 24 hours after faxing you the PROOF that YOU STOLE IT and then do your little IGNORANT investigation!! yeah, morons - it takes ten days to read a fax?

someone needs to go back to school. YOU STOLE MY MONEY - give it back and then take ur time investigating it. It may not be your 'fault', but it isn't mine......and it sure isn't my kids'!! so.........after waiting 8 days, and checking up on thier most awesome investigation, i was told to continue waiting, so i suggested that they give me some sort of compensation, like free movie channels for three months for this mess??

Oh no way was i entitled to any sort of compensation until the *investigation* was done.

They are thieves, and no matter what they say, if someone stole $370 out of my wallet, they would go to jail ON THE SPOT, not after they put together a case for themselves. DirecTv are a bunch of CROOKS who DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIER CUSTOMERS!!!!!!

Review about: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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