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I was a customer of DirecTv's, and hated the service but was stickiing it out because I was in a contract. Because I was starting Chemo treatments, I had to place my directv account on hold since I was moving in with family for 3 months.

I then went ahead and tried to restart my frozen account and they ended up signing me up for an additional 24 month commitment, had my bill at $107 a month, and was making me pay for new equipment. I told them to forget it, and just cancel me as a customer. I told them how displeased I was with their customer service and the lies that I am told everytime I call. I ended up getting to a supervisor who said that they would waive my cancellation fee, but she couldn't do it right then because their system was updating.

I called back the next day (after I was assured that a manager would call me to confirm, and they didnt) and when I called back nobody knew what I was talking about. They couldn't see any notes about my call or the fact a manager was supposed to call me back. They told me I would be charged $300 for cancellation. 2 days later I received a call from DirecTv, and a woman who asked me to return to being a customer.

I told her never again would I be a DirecTv customer, and she proceeded to tell me that they could put me on a month to month contract with $29 month to earn my trust back. I still told her no. She said she understood and would waive my cancellation fees (keep in mind.. she CALLED ME).

I was satisfied with that, until 2 days later I received a bill for $300. I called back to let them know that my fees were waived, and they had no record of that conversation. I asked them to pull the two seperate phone calls where I was told the fees were waived, and they informed me that they do not record the calls or keep record of them, and that I would have to pay the $300. I asked for contact information for the office of the president, in which they would not give me.

I asked for a manager, in which they claim managers do not work and a supervisor was the best I could do. I was so upset, and could not get through to anyone who could help. A few days after that DIRECTV TOOK THE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT! I was on paper bill, so what they did was completely illegal.

They made my account overdraft, and I was charged over $100 in bank fees. I was unable to pick up my medications that I needed to pick up. I called back Directv and spoke to a supervisor. I told him that this was a huge financial hardship, and I needed my medications.

He flat out laughed in my face, and said that there was NOTHING he could do. I was on the phone crying to him... I told him I needed my money back and I would make payments, but I had to have my money back... it could be a matter of life or death.

He still in a condesending voice told me there was nothing he could do, and it was too bad, but good luck getting my medications. I cannot believe the horrible service that Directv provides. I am certain it is a company ran by Satan himself, and I can only pray for the people who work at such a horrible dehumanizing company ... because the people who work there take on the attitude of Satan himself.

I am still trying to get my money back... and they are still trying to take more. They are trying to charge me $500 for the receivers, in which they have yet to send me the boxes for. (they keep sending it to my OLD address).

Nobody keeps track of anything, and nobody can help. It is an absolute dictatorship, and what they are doing is illegal!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Sorry,that is MStephens01@hotmail.com


Call your bank and ask if you can have the charges reversed and if they do reverse the charges you may have to close that account and get a new# Explain to your bank what has happened and I'd sure they will work to help you. Your bank has probably dealt with DTV many times and know what scam artist they are.When you send back their receivers be sure to get a tracking# to prove they get them.

It does no good to try and deal with DirectTV,everything they say is a lie. I wish You Good Luck:)(MStephens@hotmail.com) send me an email if there is anything else I can help you with


Then I should have had the right to not pay them. The government has to levy a bank account to take money from you.

Why is it that Directv can just take money from you without option?

As I said, I would have paid it, but I would have needed to make payments to pay it off. Even the government allows people to make payments.


According to the law: you owe them. Nothing else matters.

You also have the right to not pay them. They, in-turn, have the right to sue you.

Nothing else matters. Law doesn't care about your medical conditions and neither does DirecTV.