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Direct TV has shut off our service on December 4th at our little restaurant for violating federal law and broadcasting Sunday Ticket. We have received no notification of any kind other than a phone call that we made to find out why our service was off. We have automatic withdrawals. If you have time, check out the more explanatory video on YouTube. Direct TV attorney says she would settle for 12,000.00 on December 4th, 2013. That offer is now off the table because we said that we made a small error and refused to pay anything. They are supposedly going for $15,000.00 + attorney fees now and have shut off our service with a year and a half left on a 2 year contract. I guess they want a poster child for their illegal Sunday Ticket broadcasting objective. I’m making myself a poster child for them. This is BS and we actually have to use our valuable time to defend ourselves from this operation. We’re more than pissed. It's called a "Direct TV Christmas Story" Merry Christmas!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

  • illegal brioadcast
  • commercial license
  • business account vs residential
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Greedy people who don't care about people.; just the outrages price they charge. I can't stand DTV/ATT


Its not just Direct TV it is the *** lawyers Lonsteins out of NEW YORK


I know a local bar who had the exact same thing happen to them. What happened is the person who installed DirecTV either didn't know there is a difference in licensing or simply installed the residential license.

One day they had someone who posed as a customer ask them to change the channel and this person took a snapshot of the DirecTV screen. Shortly after their service was cut off and they were told they can pay $15,000 to settle out of court. How is a customer supposed to know if they have the correct license?

In the case of this local bar it was obvious to the person installing the service that this was a business but he still installed a residential license and the business end up paying for his mistake. The business was under the assumption that they had the correct license until they were contacted by DirecTV.


Good Job DirecTV!!! (:

what you did was illegal. I'm glad they caught you!!!


What a life you must have when something like this makes you glad.

I'm sad you don't have a life.


DTV is broke and trying to make whatever they can off the small business owner, you're a f'n "do gooder" and you need to get a life.... I paid for DTV approx 34k over 15 years and now they want more monthly, I hope they bankrupt!!!


You violated a federal is that a you have a comercial account.

if not you are in violation of all kinds of things. A restaurant is not a home no matter how small or even if it is attached to your house. Business of any kind is commercial.


Those are good comments, but I think that was the point of the presentation. All of what you say is blatantly obvious after seeing this, but it wasn't to me previously and i also own a business.

Like was mentioned in the piece, 20/20 hindsight would tell these people that it would have been a better idea just to ask DirecTV if they could audit the program for free to determine the interest level. The problem appears to be the heavy-handed treatment they experienced by DirecTV that lumped their one-time stupidity in with pirates, bootleggers and felonious perps who who engage in specific activities designed to make them profit and DirecTV lose income. I think that's the point of the piece. It is intended to tell everyone in business who does not know about these federal laws the very things that you state.

Not everyone is knowledgeable about every law that there is, especially given the volume of them and the rate at which they are created. After watching this, it made us realize that it would probably be violation of a federal law to buy a DVD at Costco and pop it in the player at our business. Yes, they were ***, but it doesn't appear that they were criminals. They seem like decent people who are just trying to make their lives a little better, who don't need this type of infliction of the law.

Intent. It comes down to intent. Was the law created so that DirecTV and their attorneys could profit from the one-time mistake of a little restaurant? Don't think so.

Thanks for your comments highlighting they are violators of federal law. You have helped all of us to see the newly obvious more clearly.



It is not hard to understand the difference between a residence and a business. The majority of sporting events start with a disclaimer that these games cannot shown in a commercial setting or rebroadcast without permission of the NFL, or whatever other sporting event.

It is even stated in the terms and conditons of the directv contract and nfl sunday ticket. So Directv lets iys customer violate the contract they have with the nfl broadcasters...the nfl find out then fines directv and puts directv in jeopardy of losing the sunday ticket contract at negotiation times. I am sorry but they are keeping their behinds covered and trying to stay within federal and nfl guidelines so directv customers can continue to get sunday ticket. How many small businesses should be allowed to get away with this when the nfl has a no tolerance rule...heck just reselling game tickets to live events ends up in fines and possible jail time.

Not saying anything personal about the original poster, but a line needs to be drawn...others will claim the same thing.

I am a small business give me a break. I am sorry but multiple small business violations and home reproduction violations lands big companies in trouble


Seems as though DTV has taken their SCAMS to a new level. They are not content emptying the bank account and maxing out the credit card of single moms with kids to support and seniors citizens.

They go after the customer that cannot defend themselves.

I hope you get an attorney and counter sue them for everything they are worth. Good Luck