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Yet another reason to switch to Comcast come December... You just have to LOVE DirecTV free isn't free if they charge you then fight to credit you.

Oh then hang up on you when you ask for a manager. I didn't even cus or scream at her. Yes, I called back talked to a Supervisor and asked if she was going to deal with her employee of hanging up on me... Oh no I can't ...

you see Trisha is from the Philippines office not her site so she can't do or say anything.. Wow really?

Well you see from this horrible customer service .. I will be cancelling my service and getting ComCast - Thank you and have a great day!

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To add Insult to today's bad economy, a company like Dish TV have to resort to immoral and bad business practices by stealing from their unsuspected and good customers. I noticed our statement has that charge of $49.99 for NFL Sunday ticket.

When I called them, They said the charges started in July. I told them I did not order it and wanted all charges reversed and NFL Sunday ticket taken out. After two hours of conversation with three different people, they said, NO DICE because I called late and therefore I'm obligated until the season ends. I said I have no money in the budget for that.

The answer is still NO. I am on autopay, and have been deployed since February, and really have no way of checking mail and reading their notices about the NFL s day ticket. still the answer is NO. they said they can reduce it to $35.00.

and i said but I dont want it and I dont watch ootball, and that money is my gas money. Still no dice. Finallt I said I will be canceling my cable service. they didnt care.

All they cared about is their argument, you were give notices, you did not respond, therefore, you owe us. Are we living in America? Unbelievable. Who can we go to to have this exposed?

I am on autopsy, that means I am a good customer. Am I being penalized for trusting this company and by being a good customer?

I thought, this doesnt to happen in America. Where are the lawmakers when you need them?

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