I received my bill that was $20.00 over my normal charges when I called to find out what the additional charges were for and they told me that they were PPV movies on 04/023/2008 this is 11/14/2012. I have never watched any PPV movies from directv.

I called customer service and they referred me to corp. HQ with an address of DirecTV Inc,. Attn billing disputes, P.O. Box 6550, Greenwood Village, Co.


I asked for a phone number and they said they didnot have a number for them. Very Unhappy!!!

Customer Service in the past has been very helpful in the past but NOT on this, I think it is a gimmick to charge for some movie they never provided to get extra money, interesting to wait almos 5 years for a charge that never took place.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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That is ***! I just had the same thing happen to me.

Why do you wait until years to charge someone for a movie they supposedly watched. I just cancelled my Directv and they expect me to remember watching a movie clear in 2011??

Why don't they just charge the time of the incident?! Bogus!!


It's impossible for DTV to randomly add ppv charges to the card on your receiver also when ordering through the remote it prompts you two times if you want to order so maybe you didn't order it but someone did so you are responsible for the charges

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