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I signed up for directv in late October and was installed on the 24th. By the next day or so, I realized they were billing me the wrong amounts, lied to me about bundling with AT&T among other I called to disconnect on the 26th. I was told there would be a 100% refund since I didn't even have them for a week. I returned the equipment immediately. We noticed that the installer had tore our guttering off also and never even mentioned it. He also left behind some trash and co-ax cable (which we kept ha ha). We used the trash to pack the box when we returned the equipment (see that story below).

Fast forward a month or two later...I keep getting bills. One is for 'unreturned equipment'. I called them and they claim I took the cards out of the equipment and returned the cards only...I have NO clue what card they are referring to but after a few more phone calls, they figured out that all the equipment was returned in one piece. They still hadn't refunded us the money they owed, so I disputed the charges on my credit card. Last week, I finally got a refund on my credit card for $53.48 and a check for $48.74 so I figured it was all over. WRONG! Today I got a bill in the mail for $53.48-called them and was told its my bill for January. I told her this was wrong-she tries to argue with me but she finally admits that I shut service off after two days. Then she put me on hold for 5 minutes and comes back on to say it's my first bill from September-October. I didn't even get service until October 24!!! How can you bill me for service before I called in? Then she puts me on hold again and tells me she was told it was for the 2 days I had service and they are trying to charge my credit card for it but can't because I disputed it. This woman was talking in circles-trying her best to confuse me. I asked to speak w/a supervisor but she said no, he will tell me the same thing. I've never been told I can't speak with a supervisor. So, basically she tells me that I owe the money because I had service for two days. That's some expensive service! And when I call to complain, they want to offer me "great deals" to sign back up! ha ha. That's hilarious.

I plan on calling back again and again until this is taken care of.

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We have Visa-and I got proof that they considered the matter to be final (from Directv). Plus after all the stink I raised over the guttering damage and the trash he left behind, and the fact that we only had service for a few days, they told me they would not charge any extra fees for disconnect and would refund the charges on our card. I think the next step is to have a gutter/roofing company come estimate the damages they caused when installing their equipment.


The amount they are trying to charge you is not going through because the account is in dispute and the money has been returned to your account for now but please beware that the charges can be reapplied depending on your credit cards final decision. DTV usually charges early cancellation fees(20$ for every month left on 2yr contract) and often times nonreturned equipment fees.

this happened to me too I had DTV and AT&T(one is as bad as the other) my credit card was American express and they were definately going to rule in DTV's favor and allow the charges to be reappplied, so I had to close the credit card. I had gotten a tracking # to prove they did get the equipment I sent back.