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Very very poor customer service when they temporarily disconnect your service just because you still owe on your bill, but paying it. Family member had a stroke, but Direct doesnt care that the stroke victim has nothing to do but watch their slimy money-hungry satelite.

They disgust me and the supervisors are low lifes for not waving this problem.

Hope the supervisors cant sleep at night from guilt and shame. God punishes the wicked.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree wholeheartedly with your post, DirecTV is nothing but a bunch of lying scamming heartless money-hungry pieces of ***. I was lied to from the second I spoke to a DirecTV representative on the phone about a two year contract I was in a rental house and I was already looking at buying a house so I voiced my about what would happen as soon as I bought a house and the sales representative assured me that all I needed to do was take my receivers and remotes to my new house and they would move my directv service for free as long as I signed a two-year contract.

This was a bold faced lie after a month of arguing with them and trying to get them to go back and listen to the recording conversations when I purchased my DirecTV package I reluctantly had to give in and pay $214 to have my Service moved, because the only other choice I had from the representatives mouth was to pay a $300 cancellation fee even though I was the one that was lied two just to get me to sign up, from the representative mouth was to pay a $300 cancellation fee even though I was the one that was light to just to get me to sign up, I had no choice but to pay the moving fee. Then when they came to my new house to install the service the technician bold faced lied to my wife and said he had placed the dish on the roof as we had requested multiple times due to the fact that we were having our house built and added onto on the side and had contractors there everyday being paid to put down concrete Exedra. The installer put the dish on a tripod sitting on the side of my house because he's a lazy piece of *** every other family member I have that has satellite TV either dish or Direct has their satellite mounted correctly either to the roof of their house or up high on the side of their house not on some tripod like an RV or motor home. I am now paying the contractors over $200 a day to do no work because the dishes in their way and I have to wait for them to come back out and move the dish and they're trying to charge me another installation fee.

It is now my mission to post on every single review site that I possibly can my story about DIRECTV at how horrible of a company they are. If you're reading this DirecTV my phone number is 928 846 7 647 thank you Chris from Havasu