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i have been subscribed to directv since 2002, and i have had relatively few problems with it. about a year ago, i got a DVR.

the dvr box was fast, at first, but it was slowing down progressively. i deleted recording after recording, but it was still slow. last month, i called directv about it. i was on hold for about a half-hour before some foreign guy answered, i took me another 25 minutes for me to explain my problems to him.

(while he was constantly interrupting me.) the directv man came about a week later, handed me the box, and walked off. i spent all weekend figuring out the new box and installing it.

I'm taking my business elsewhere if this happens again.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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sounds like your system may not be grounded,which is not to far of a stretch seeing how 99% of installs are incorrect. Not being grounded can cause static build up in the box.