Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I had a sattelite tv line added to another room in our house. To avoid a service fee I was required to add a two subscription to Directv.

I have been a customer for many years. I agreed to the two year commitment. I had Directv come to my home (Of course I had to be here for the 4 hour window they provided. And off course they were late meeting the appointment made by them.) They installed a line and the tv reception worked for a period of several weeks.

I then lost local channel and the remaining channels soon followed. I called Directv and they went through a series of test over the phone and could restore the channel service. A second technician came to my home and said the previous wiring was run through the same wiring used for my internet connection and a new line needed to be run. The technician was reluctant, but with a request and a $20 tip he went under the house and ran a new line.

Again I lost the local channels in a very short period of time. I again called Directv, waited on the phone for an extended period of time and went through the same series of tests. The local channels could not be restored. I soon lost all the channels and received nothing from the receiver.

I committed to a two year committment to have this single line added.

The line doesn't work so I called Directv and asked why am I committed to a two year contract. You did not live up to your end of the deal and you could not provide me the service you (Directv) committed to. There response: They would not cancel the contract and I would have to go to abitration because they were unwilling to keep their end of the bargain. REALLY?

I will probably have to continue with the remaining time on the contract.

If you are looking for a tv channel service, DO NOT USE DIRECTV. THEY SUCK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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Hi I'm trying to get out of my contract this is only my second day is there a way


I know just what you are saying I think they hired every liar in the country. The biggest mistake I made was changing tv companys.One said I could have it the other said no then another would tell me they could do it and then another said no. I watched the under cover boss thought this would be a good company could never get any one above the the first one and they could not speak english will give it up at the end of the contract