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What a joke Directv! I ended my contract early with this company.

Due to the incompetence of the customer service reps. The account specialists that are very nasty people, and there lying and deceiving ways they run a business. As a consumerwe should have rights but with this company once you sign a contract with them they think you owe them something. To get out of a contract with this company they can do everything wrong but you still end up paying a early termination fee.

I guess you have to be dead to actual not pay this fee. After a year of having Directv and after arguing about bundle deal which to me means put together they think bundle means taking $10.00off your bill a month means bundle. Internet and tv should of been a bundle deal put together 1 bill never got no were with both companies on this matter I call it false advertising. So after a year and paying for t.v.

$53.00 a month I get a bill in Feb. 2017 for $126.00 just for t.v. I call and I ask why of course all the promotion deals have ended and I was getting HBO free for three months because of a tax on my bill they could not explain so they gave me HBO free for 3 months. So I say take HBO off lower my package to the lowest one and there was another charge on my bill a sports fee of $4.95.

So I ask what is a sports fee I was told that the government is charging that fee I ask for what she stated for watching sports. I don't watch sports. I ask for that to be taken off she stated since I was lowering my package it would not be on there due to no sports channels offered in the lowest package. Ask what will my bill be a month now she stated around the same $53.00 a month I said fine.

So 2 days go by and nothing has changed on my t.v. or bill so I call again ask why nothing had been done. He stated to make a long story short no nothing had been done. So I ask again to lower my package deal take hbo off and the sports fee.

He stated I cannot take the sports fee off I ask why and why are we being charge a sports fee he stated the fcc or something like that is doing it once again I said I do not watch sports channels. But it was in the first package ordered something with football but never watched it and it was added into the package for free. The charge was also at the top of the bill were Directv charges are not at the bottom were all the fees and taxes are. So I asked what my bill would be a month he stated around $83.00 a month.

I said forget it I am looking into other options. I called another company and ended service with Directv. So then comes the third phone call to end my service. I got an account specialist wow!

After the fact he took everything off but this sports fee dropped my package down and the bill was $43.00. and of course then comes the early termination fee $233.00 I refuse to pay. First it took me 3 phone calls to and only because I was disconnecting my service did they do anything. So I am disputing the $233.00 with them last billl now on recorded had a total of $189.00 and then it jumps to $233.00 does not even add up I call to ask about it and I get a big run around with the account specialist.

I even had a president of the company call right same number as you call for customer service. I finally said Directv can do everything wrong and get away with it but being a consumer who has always paid my bill gets punished for being disatisfied with the service.

Makes no sense to me but reading all the complaints against this company they really need to be investigated and the customer reps need to go back to school to learn to talk to consumers. Very pissed and disgusted consumer!

Review about: Directv Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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