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How annoyed & pissed that I cannot watch the Olympics - nbc & directv can't simply figure out how to play nice & allow us access to a major tv network! Sure I can watch some on the nbc app! But do I want to filter thru 3 hour programs to find the American competitors! I can't even find a place to watch what was broadcast. I live in a roural area in NH and we have limited options in tv providers! Beyond frustrated! This is not something we should...
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I liked
  • Watching recorded shows from any room
I will give them that they are the most courteous customer service when you do inquire and purchase their package but the exact opposite can be said when you decide to cancel their pos service. and no matter what condition you are in, you will pay those fees the love so very much. $260 for those 13 months, and after explaining my financial situation they refer to that contract as if it were a bible. This company is inhuman, unprofessional, and they will care about whats in your pockets rather than you. "Don't end up with awful reception and unprofessional business practices, get rid of directv...
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