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My wife and I signed up for DirecTV a little over a year ago in 2014. At the time when we signed up, DirecTV was offering free HBO for 3 months and the NFL package for one year, and we told them that we did not want to pay for the equipment protection insurance monthly, which was an option.

The first 2 or 3 months I didn't pay a lot of attention to our bill, but then took a better look when it came time to cancel the free HBO, and after canceling our next bill had a $10 cancelation fee and I saw we were being charged for equipment protection insurance. Well, I called and was told anytime we call and cancel a service there's a cancelation fee. I told DirecTV that was very deceptive and bordered on consumer fraud and also questioned them about the equipment protection insurance we didn't want and never signed up for. DirecTV agreed to reimburse us for the $10 cancelation fee after arguing with them and told us they would cancel and reimburse us for the 3 or 4 months of the equipment protection.

Well we did receive the reimbursements they promised, but later found out they didn't cancel the equipment protection. It was about 2 months ago this year (2015) I again looked at our bill, which seemed high, and saw the equipment protection for $9.95 was still on our bill, so I called DirecTV. It took 2 phone calls to finally get it straightened out that we never signed up for nor wanted the equipment protection, so we were reimbursed for all the months they charged us. I thought this would be the end of having to call DirecTV about unwarranted charges on our bill, but low and behold, our next bill came in, and you guessed it, we had another $10 cancelation fee for canceling the equipment protection that we never wanted in the first place.

If this isn't a deceptive practice and possibly consumer fraud, I guess I just don't understand. This $10 cancelation fee was the straw that broke the camel's back, so-to-speak, and I didn't call DirecTV, but filed a BBB complaint to the San Jose, CA BBB (DirecTV's corporate office location), and a complaint to the FTC as well. DirecTV has responded about a week ago to the BBB complaint and stated they reimbursed us for the $10 and stated that they also reimbursed us for sales tax that we were overcharged for when the equipment protection was reimbursed. We have not agreed to DirecTV's offer, and told them they could keep the $10, and felt as though what they are doing is more serious.

Consider how much money they make from consumers/customers for the $10 cancelation fee, just multiply $10 X thousands of customers Xs several years, and I think you'll understand it will equate to a lot of money in unwarranted and possibly illegal fees.

I do hope the FTC takes DirecTV to task, and hope all that read this that have DirecTV also file complaints for such charges. Please call DirecTV and see if you have been charged such cancelation fees in the past.

Reason of review: Cancelation Fees.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: We have lost total faith in DirecTV and want to be let out of the remaing 9 or 10 months of our contract and be only on month to month.

Directv Pros: Prices.

Directv Cons: Deceptive practices, Loss of reception when it rains.

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Unfortunately DirecTV doesn't seem to care that they deceive consumers by charging a $10 cancelation fee. After our 2 year contract is up in about 10 months, it will be see yah, adios and we won't be back DirecTV ever again.