I called DIRECTV to cancel my service. I ask the customer service representative how much it would be to cancel my service.

He told me it would be $20/month until November. I went on www.directv.com to pay my bill for $120 (which is what I was told it would be). When I accessed my account online the total was $255. I called DIRECTV right away and talked to a customer service representative named Van.

I asked her to review my account because of the different amount I was told on Tuesday. After she reviewed the account she noticed that I had a credit on my account and she said my contract actually ended in September. Therefore, she told me I'd need to may $20/month til September ($80) then with my account credit the total would come to $55.10. She told me to wait a few days because their online account manager needed to change the amount on my account.

I went to pay my total and the amount was not changed. I called DIRECTV again to verify the total was $55.10 and the customer service representative Dawn told me that the total was $255. She said that I was not out of my contract until next year. I have had DIRECTV since 2008.

Their customer service representatives have told me three different amounts to pay. I agreed to pay $20/month until November for my early cancellation during the first call. The second representative told me that I only needed to pay $55.10. I told her that was fine and I'd pay it as soon as I saw it on my online statement.

I don't think it right that I've been told three different amounts to pay.

I agreed to the first total; $120. I did not agree to $255.

Monetary Loss: $255.

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