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My bill got too high so I could not continue to pay and service was disconnected. I returned all equipment but my bill jumped from 200 to over $685.31.

Directv charged a debit card that I had used in the past the entire amount without warning. I filed a complaint with them and was told that this was common business practice and wrote that they did not know my account number (#10425342) so they couldn't explain the charges at that time. I replied with my account number and got no reply until today. A final bill showing a &0.00 balance with no explanation of charges and a statement in large print noting that all outstanding balances are charged to credit/debit cards on file.

As a result of Directv's actions I now am in danger of having my car repossed, having our electricity turned off and we will have to borrow money to have enough food until I get my check next month. Directv could have contacted me about a payment plan but they did not. I guess they don't have to since they encourage customers to pay by card. I believe these are shady business practices and I feel as if I have been robbed.

I just want the world to know that Directv does not care about it's customers. Directv only cares about money.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I purchased a two year deal with Direct TV last year thru Costco. After a month they still had not made the system work as promised. They finally quit showing up to fix the system.

They left the drop ceiling out in the basement game room.

I called to cancel and was told that there was a $600.early termination fee. I politely told them I would see them in *** before paying anything. I believe this fits the definition of fraud.

Took 2 more months to fix and went back to cable. Do not give these people anything until you are happy with the system and installation. Jim *** In Atlanta