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to cancel service with direct tv takes an hour on the phone with representative & can't get hold of the supervisor.

. Very, very poor service. we are moving out of Nevada going to Minn. that we don't need the services of direct tv. The representative gives us the round around for almost one hour & extra fees to almost punish us to cancel the service.

We have been with direct tv since 2005 & didn't have any problem until it's time to cancel. Changes in cancellation procedure should be made. Consumers don't have to go thru frustrating process.

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I am truly disspaointed in the lack of respect and professionalism that I received from direct TV today. Customer service was terrible.

My family and I recently moved onto a millitary installation (base housing). There are restrictions against attaching anything to the home or any permanent/semi permanent structures. The installing technician suggested we use a metal stand that would take up 1/3 of our very small patio. This metal structure did not look safe or practical, but this was the only option provided. I denied the option.

After 2 hours on the phone with a representative who repeatedly put me on hold, and allowed me to listen to her breathing and smacking away on gum I hung up. I called back and was very direct this time and got the Rep to discontinue my service. I know have to pay 20$ a month for service I can't have.

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